• Door to door Vehicle Ride facilities (inside Kathmandu and Ilam)
  • Commodious and comfortable ride at a reasonable price
  • A punctual and experienced driver with good English
  • Well furnished and clean vehicle
  • Can stop at the desired location to enjoy the surrounding
  • Chance to stay away from hustle and bustle of the cities
  • Fantastic Horizontal View from the top of the hill
  • Sunrise view and green tea garden sight
  • Free booking postponement and cancellation as per the company policy
  • Best months for the tour are October and December
  • No worries about refueling and cleanliness of the vehicle


Nepal Rental Car provides the best Eastern Paradise Ilam Tour package so that you can enjoy the beautiful natural beauty, mountains, and tea gardens residing in Ilam. Ilam is the best way to get rid of a busy life and enjoy nature with a ranging height of 3,636 meters above sea level and 700 km away from Kathmandu. You can reach Ilam from the roadway and airway but traveling in private vehicles road transportation is better than by air and by public vehicles. It will aid a lot in exploring the natural beauties and places en route with less (tends to no) hassle at all. Traveling by road transportation will take about 12 to 13 hours. The time to reach the destination and explore may vary.

5-Day Eastern Paradise Ilam Tour - Nepal Rental Car

Ilam is also known as ‘the Queen of the Hills’ which offers a cool climate, green fields and forests, lush green tea gardens, and unique green culture. It's also famous for its major horticulture crop production. The major places where you will visit during these 5 days Eastern Paradise Ilam Tour are Antu Danda, Mai Pokhari, Kanyam, Fikkal, etc. Nepal Rental Car proffers more than 50 vehicles for hire that you can easily get as per requirement. NRC offers facilitated vehicles including cars, jeeps, vans, Hi-Ace, minibusses, etc at the most reasonable and best-guaranteed prices possible.

As your safety is our priority, we provide you with experienced and professional drivers with knowledge related to road trips. To avoid struggle, difficulty, and hassle, it is better to hire a private vehicle than to travel in a public vehicle. The luxury factors such as AC (Air Conditioner), Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity), mineral water and snacks on the travel, bendable seats, wide luggage storage area, etc are encompassed within the vehicles that you choose accordingly.

Eastern Paradise Ilam Tour Services

Nepal Rental Car provides two-way services of Eastern Paradise Ilam tour to make your journey in natural Nepal with comfort and less hassle. The rental vehicle will take you to the Eastern region of Nepal and let you explore the Ilam area and take you back to Kathmandu. It removes the stress of hiring more vehicles, hotels, food services, etc throughout the venture. We provide a clean and well-maintained vehicle with standard facilities to make your trip flexible and more reliable. The vehicles are hired along with experienced and skilled drivers who will help you to complete the whole journey more effectively, contributing more with their experience and knowledge they have. He will explain to you about the places as well when you have an interest to know about them. All these services are offered to you at a suitable and affordable price.

Eastern paradise Ilam Tour of 5 Days Package Plan

Kathmandu -> Ilam -> Antu Danda and Mai Pokhari -> Pashupatinagar -> Fikkal -> Kanyam -> Itahari -> Kathmandu

In this 5 days' tour to the Eastern Ilam Region of Nepal, you will move to Ilam with 12 to 13 hours of driving. This day, you will stay in the hotel and the next day, you will move around Antu Dada (in the morning to view the sunrise) and Mai Pokhari, and stay overnight. The next day, you will move to Pashupatinagar, explore and move further to Fikkal and stay overnight. Again, the following day, you will travel to Kanyam, explore and again head towards Itahari and stay overnight. Finally, on the last day, you will drive back to Kathmandu from Itahari and this road transport will take around 5 to 6 hours to complete. But the time may always fluctuate.

Driver for Eastern Paradise Ilam Tour

Nepal Rental Car is a reputed vehicle renting company so all the staff of our company is experienced and skilled. So, the driver provided to you have years of experience in road trips. They can tackle any obstacles if any arise in the midway. They have good English speaking skills so there won’t be any problem with communicating. Interacting with the driver can be beneficial for you as they are experienced and have knowledge about the trip, you might get a lot of details during the trip. The driver will stop in some places for meals and short breaks other than that if you want to stop in any location you just have to ask the driver. Sometimes, there remains the chance that the vehicle stops at any point due to many reasons such as traffic jams, heavy rainfall, etc. So in such a case, have faith in the driver and let the situation get bettered. You will be transferred safely to your destination with our experienced and motivated drivers.

5 Days Eastern paradise Ilam Tour facts

Destination: Nepal

Starting point: Kathmandu

Ending point: Kathmandu

Duration: 5 Days

Driving distance: About 700 kilometers

Driving duration: Approximately 12 to 13 hours

Activity: Driving and sightseeing (boating if demanded)

Best seasons: October and December

Trip grade: Easy

Major Attractions of the Trip: Antu Danda, tea garden and greenery, Kanyam and Fikkal, Siddhi Thumka, Gajur Mukhi, Mai Beni, etc.

What can you expect from Eastern Paradise Ilam Tour with NRC?

While booking the trip, everyone will have some expectations of the company and the facilities provided. Here are some of the calculated expectations that you may have from Eastern Paradise Ilam Tour Service are as follows:

  • A lavish and flexible tour at a reasonable and affordable price
  • Fresh and well-furnished vehicles of different international brands
  • Years of experience and proficient driver with good English
  • Pick up and drop off facilities (inside Kathmandu and Ilam)
  • Can stop at any desired location
  • Spacious and relaxing ride during the whole trip
  • No need to worry about refilling the fuel and cleaning the vehicle after use
  • No independent driving is accessible as hiring a driver with the vehicle is mandatory

How long does it take to reach Kathmandu to Ilam?

The distance from Kathmandu to Ilam is about 700 kilometers which will take about 12 to 13 hours to reach. The time duration to reach the destination varies depending upon the road condition. If the road is clear, you can reach the destination sooner or faster. But in case some situations arise such as traffic jams, the arrival time may be delayed.

Can I stop midway through the journey?

Yes, you can stop midway through the journey. If you want to stop at any location you just have to ask the driver then he will stop. You can enjoy nature and take lots of pictures and videos as well. If you want to stop longer then you might reach your destination behind time. You have to pay extra for both the driver and the vehicle if you want to stay overnight in some places and have to inform the company about the changes. Also, the food and accommodation charges will be in your hand.

How can I hire a vehicle from Kathmandu to Ilam?

There is a safe and secure online booking system for Kathmandu Ilam Paradise Tour. You just have to visit the tariff section and book the vehicle as per your needs. You can also contact the authorized person personally and book the vehicle. Booking through social media like Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, etc is also available. You are recommended to book the vehicle 3 days before the trip and have to pay in advance to confirm your booking. Last-minute booking is also available but you might not get a vehicle as per your wish. Hand cash on arrival in Nepal is also appreciable.

Contact Person: Shiv Raj Adhikari

Contact Number: +977 9841724847 (active on Viber, Skype, WhatsApp too)

Nepal Rental Car provides various vehicle renting facilities to make your tour easy and comfortable. As we all know that traveling in public buses is tiring and a person can’t enjoy the trip as per the wish. To get rid of it, you can choose the vehicle as per your need from Nepal Rental Car. You will also get standard facilities along with the vehicle. You will have the best trip to Eastern Paradise with our company. Nepal Rental Car will take you to the places in comfortable private vehicles as per your wish with a flexible itinerary and suitable price. You will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of that place in our vehicle with satisfaction.

Outline Itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu to Ilam Bazaar

Today is the first day of the trip so we will drive to Ilam from your pick up point in Kathmandu. We will start the trip early in the morning. It is because the approximate time to reach Ilam from Kathmandu is 12 to 13 hours and the distance is about 700 kilometers. Throughout this road journey, you will enjoy the natural scenario and residential beauties. After reaching Ilam Bazaar, we will transfer you to your booked hotel where you can enjoy your food and accommodation and stay overnight.

Day 2: Ilam Bazaar to Antu Danda to Mai Pokhari

Today, we will drive to Antu Danda which is at an altitude of 1677 meters and takes about 1.5 hours to reach there from Ilam Bazaar via Road transportation. From here, you will be able to see the lush green tea garden with other attractions in this place which is the famous 'sunrise'. After enjoying the sunrise view, we will move towards Mai Pokhari. It is at an altitude of 2438 meters and takes around 4.5 hours to reach there from Antu Danda. Mai Pokhari is the pilgrimage site of Ilam where there are nine ponds in the same area. Some ponds are big enough for boating so you can do boating if you want to. On the way, you will pass through village-like Chureghant, Bakhaute, Dharpani, and Hasbire Bhanjyangan along with other snowy mountains. After enjoying the day with exploration, stay overnight at the hotel/lodge in Mai Pokhari.

Day 3: Mai Pokhari to Pashupatinagar to Fikkal

Today is the third day of the Ilam Paradise Tour. The journey will start after having breakfast at the hotel in Mai Pokhari and driving towards Pashupatinagar for sightseeing. You can visit the tea garden and know about it. From this place, you can see the hill-view and the local people around the area. After roaming around, you will move toward Fikkal and explore the place enjoying the natural environment. You will be able to converse with local inhabitants and know about them and their lifestyle too. Finally, stay overnight at Fikkal hotel/lodge.

Day 4: Fikkal to Kanyam to Itahari

After having breakfast in the morning at Fikkal hotel, you will start your journey to Kanyam in a private vehicle. This place is mostly visited place of Ilam where you can enjoy the green tea garden and local people with epic culture and lifestyle. After roaming the Kanyam area and having dinner there, we will drove towards Itahari. Itahari is also one of the most significant cities in Nepal. It is famous for shopping, varieties of food and souvenirs. After enjoying some time in Itahari Bazar, we will check in to the hotel, have dinner and stay over for the rest of the day and night.

Day 5: Itahari to Kathmandu Drive

This is the last day of the trip so after having breakfast in the Itahari hotel, we will drive back to Kathmandu. The whole journey back to Kathmandu will take about 5 to 6 hours. If you are on the right side, you will be able to observe a beautiful river sight, hills and forests, and much more on the way.

Cost Includes:

  • Clean and good condition Vehicle
  • Driver cost and accommodation
  • Fuel used in vehicle
  • License and experience Driver

Cost Excludes:

  • Personal expenses
  • Hotel and accommodation
  • Meals and drinks
  • Entrance fees
  • Gratitude and tips
  • Guide

Useful Information

  • Stay updated about the weather condition in Nepal
  • Pack bags according to weather condition in Nepal
  • Follow traffic rules and don’t disturb driver while driving
  • Follow the safety rules of traveling
  • No age limitation for this sightseeing tour to Ilam
  • Prefer food and drinks from the places recommended by driver
  • Carry some cash rather than depending upon ATM booth
  • Book vehicle 3 days before the trip though last-minute booking is obtainable
  • You can visit this place all round the year but the best season is October and December
  • Transportation that can be used: Car, jeep, minivan, Hi-Ace, minibus, and deluxe tourist bus.
  • Booking trip: You can book a trip from the tariff section. Or, you can send us your details in our mail and we will come back to you.

Departure Details

For the daily departure dates and time, you can make your own schedule and inform us and we will arrange the trip according to you. You can make modification in the itinerary as well.

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  • noimage
    By , Tunisia

    Ilam 5 Days Tour with the Satisfying Rental Car Ride

    The tour to Ilam for 5 Days was amazing and the entire credit goes to Nepal Rental Car for providing a standard vehicle for our trip. We contacted NRC and booked the vehicle with them. On the day of the trip, the driver came to pick up us from our location. We were amazed and excited after seeing the vehicle. It was fresh, spotless and well furnished like brand new. The driver that was assigned to us was very polite and friendly. He gave a lot of details about the trip which was beneficial for us. The whole trip inside the private vehicle was soothing and comfortable. We were satisfied with the services provided by NRC and the cost was also reasonable and worthy for a vehicle. I will surely contact you for our future trip to Nepal.

  • noimage
    By , Australia

    Comfortable 5 Days' Paradise Tour to Ilam

    Travelling is always fun and the level of fun doubles when we have our own vehicle. Having your own vehicle will save both time and effort. We decided to do an Ilam tour in a private vehicle. So, we contacted Nepal Rental Car, a renowned vehicle renting company to hire a vehicle and booked a vehicle for our trip with them. This was the best decision as we completed the trip comfortably and enjoyed every moment fully. The driver was proficient and skilled as he was very conscious about our safety and did everything that made us happy and our trip more than imagined. We were satisfied with the whole team and all the services that they provided to us. We will surely recommend others to contact NRC for their trip in Nepal, especially this 5 Days' Paradise Tour to Ilam. Much obliged to you for this amazing trip to natural Nepal.

  • noimage
    By , United States

    Refreshing, comfortable and relaxing 5 Days Trip to Ilam

    We went on a tour to Ilam. We had heard a lot about this place by our friend but they also suggested us to hire a vehicle for our trip because they have to struggle a lot in the public vehicle which was time-consuming. So, we decided to hire a vehicle from Nepal Rental Car. We had heard a lot about this vehicle renting company. After contacting them, we booked a vehicle for our trip and the driver came to pick us in our location. We were shocked by the vehicle as they looked brand new, clean and well-maintained. The trip to Ilam was refreshing, comfortable and relaxing. The driver was experienced and was very conscious while driving. I was truly satisfied with the services and surely recommend others to contact them. You will not get this kind of service from another company. Thank you, NRC for this memorable trip.

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