• Meet different species of rare and preserved plants and animals
  • Almost 544 species of birds are present
  • Rare one-horned rhino
  • Tharu community dance
  • Interact with local people and their cultures
  • Jeep safari into the national park
  • A well-experienced guide for the jeep safari
  • Elephant safari lets you deep inside the national park
  • Enjoy with Elephant bath
  • Elephant breeding area
  • Vehicles in good condition with a skilled driver


Chitwan is one of the developed cities in Nepal. It is the fourth largest city of Nepal and known to most of the people around Nepal and worldwide. It is a very famous place for tourism. It is mainly famous for the rare animal one-horned rhino. The animal is preserved in Chitwan national park. Throughout the tour, one gets to visit many of the preserved species of animals as the tour takes to Chitwan national park with elephant safari ride.

The beauty of Chitwan is defined by rare species of animals and plants and the special cultural dance of Tharu community which would be participated by guests as well. The city is rich in Tharu culture. It is also developed agriculturally as the fertility of this area is very high. the rare animals like wild boar, red deer, etc. other than animals, rare species of birds could also be viewed in this area around the Rapti river. In this area, the local and also some of the migrated birds are also found. The view of bird catching fish is very beautiful during the boat ride. The rare birds such as Meghauli serai, bar-headed goose, red vented bulbul, shikra, etc. could be viewed in this area. Approximately 544 species of bird are said to be viewed in this area. Listening to the sounds of birds and seeing them flying up above the Rapti river is amazingly relaxing thing to do. We boat along the Rapti river to reach the Chitwan national park. And then there comes another interesting part, jeep safari. The jeep safari takes to the deep national park where the rare animals could be viewed. Telescopes and binoculars could be used to get the view of birds and animals. Jeep safari is done with a group of tourists and a guide having great knowledge about Chitwan national park.  For more adventure, the elephant safari is a very exciting experience. Elephant safari takes to other parts of the national park. It gives high chances of spotting rare animals and birds.

Elephant at Chitwan National Park,Chitwan Tour 2 Nights 3 Days

One more exciting thing to do with elephants in this area is enjoying an elephant bath. The elephant gives you an adventurous showering experience. The tour also takes to elephant breeding place where mother and child elephant could be seen. the view is really lovely and heartwarming. During the tour, a lot of things could be known with the help of locals, the caretaker of elephants, the jeep safari driver etc. The first day, you move to Chitwan via a private car provided by us. We can also provide a well skilled and experienced driver according to your requirement. You check out from Kathmandu and move to a beautiful resort. The tharu community dance will be performed at night in which you will also participate. The second day would be for boating, jeep safari and Elephant safari and the third day would be for elephant breeding area visit and checking out from Chitwan.

Nepal rental car is a trustworthy company. The team provides vehicles in good condition and a well-skilled driver would take you to your destination in a safe manner. You could fully trust us for our services for the tour in Chitwan. The tour plan can be changed according to your flexibility. It gives the opportunity to go to Chitwan and enjoy the beauty of Chitwan in reasonable and affordable prices.

Outline Itinerary

Day 01: Drive to Chitwan

Firstly we will leave Kathmandu to reach Chitwan in the early morning within the vehicle provided by Nepal Rental Car.  The way to reach Chitwan is very smooth. We will reach there in somewhere in the range of 4 to 5 hours. We can see lots of interesting things see on the way. After reaching Chitwan, you will be taken to the beautiful hotel/resort of Chitwan. After freshening up and having lunch, you will go to the village of Chitwan to roam around. Here you will get to interact with the local people and know about the Tharu community residing there for a long period of time. Traveler can get new and interesting knowledge about the Tharu culture and traditions, their cultural dress and famous dishes of their culture. After that, we will return to our hotel and before the evening meal, we will outlook some Tharu program to appreciate. After having that fabulous time, you will have your dinner and take rest to rectify all the afternoon stress and tiredness.

Day 02: Exploration of Chitwan National Park

This is the second day of our tour. Getting up in the morning and being ready you will have your breakfast first and then we will start our tour again. We will start our day by boating in the Rapti River. Rapti River is one of the most beautiful rivers in Nepal. The sight of the bird catching fish is very gorgeous during the boat ride. The rare birds such as Meghauli Serai, Bar-headed Goose, Red Vented Bulbul, Shikra, etc. can be seen here. Around 544 kinds of bird is said to be seen here. Listening to the sounds of birds and seeing them flying up above the Rapti river is an incredibly relaxing thing to do in Chitwan. One-horned rhino is also the major attraction. We boat along the Rapti River to achieve the Chitwan National Park. After reaching Chitwan National Park, there comes another interesting part, Jeep Safari, and Elephant Safari. Both are the very interesting ride of the National Park. People can’t miss it though. In both rides, you can go deep in the National Park’s forest and enjoy the natural appearance. One more thrilling thing to do with elephants in this area is enjoying the elephant bath. The elephant gives you an adventurous showering experience. After the beautiful day spent, we will head towards the hotel, have dinner there and sleep.

Day 03: Drive Back to Kathmandu

This is our last day of this beautiful tour in Chitwan. Early in the morning, we will get up, get ready and have breakfast in the hotel. We will take you to another interesting place to see elephant breeding. Where mother and child elephant could be seen. The view is actually perfect and heartwarming. You will know about a lot of thing about elephant breeding from the caretaker of there. After spending some time there, we will go back to the hotel, pack the bags and return to the Kathmandu. We will use the transportation provided by Nepal Rental Car. This tour is willing enough to be proved as one of the best experiences of your life with new and exciting knowledge. After reaching Kathmandu, our company representative will drop you to the airport for your journey to your native country.

Cost Includes:

  • Vehicle you rent
  • An experienced and well-skilled driver
  • Fuel charges
  • Pick up and drop services

Cost Excludes:

  • Meal and accommodations
  • Entrance fees and any other charges required

Useful Information

Accommodation During Chitwan Tour

At the primary day, we will make your stay at Kathmandu in the lodging as you request. Moreover, in various places where you stop, you will remain at the tea house or the extravagant lodging as you wish and you can remain at the retreat too. Extravagance will be pleasing and great.

Meal During Chitwan Tour

You will be offered common but interesting Nepali sustenance Dal Bhat Tarkari. This dish is also known as the popular phrase ‘Dal Bhat Power, 24 Hour’. Because having this dish, you will feel occupied and relaxed in the stomach. Furthermore, unique nourishments can be made open as per your essential. Drinks like Tea, Coffee, hot lemon, soft juice, and so on are in like way open.

Safety Measures

If you feel less pleasing in transportation in travel, you can take remedies for the issues you face like headache, spewing, etc. You can find the medications and plastic sacks in transportation similarly yet for what motivation to go out on a limb that is the reason reliably keep plastic or throwable bags.

Freedom of Panorama in Chitwan

While voyaging you can take pictures from the vehicle in a like manner yet be wary that you don't take your hands and head out from the window. It is in light of the fact that it can cause an accident. Take loads of photos and add a lot of splendid encounters to your country.

Level of Luxury (services)

The vehicle we offer will be of your ideal. Explorers can show transportation with dissimilar to extravagance conveniences. It will cost by your determination of vehicle. Enhancements may incorporate bowing seats, AC space, Wi-Fi style, restroom, etc. providence of luxury facilities will be all depending upon your choice.

Car Booking Service (how can you book)

The booking forms are straightforward and smooth to do. You can book the vehicles through the help of an online organization or you can contact our office clearly. Contact subtleties are provided to you on our respective site.

Vehicle Changing Facility (in case of emergency breakdown of the hired vehicle)

We will give our best to provide you with every service that you want or need regarding the vehicles. Regardless, in case the vehicle breakdown in the midst of the voyage, by then we will give you another vehicle at the soonest opportunity. You can in like manner change the vehicle anyway pre-notice of the required criteria should be portrayed.

Humble Attitude and Gesture

On the touring experience as an individual, you should talk sympathetically with the close-by people. Be gentle and don't be impolite with anyone. It will make the experience increasingly gainful, as you will team up additional with the all-inclusive community. It encourages you just to make new mates and moreover finds generously knowledge about new spaces.

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