• Majestic mountains view from Kathmandu to Everest base camp with Helicopter.
  • Exploring the Sherpa culture, people, Monasteries, and Gompa.
  • Chance to visit Tenzing Hillary Airport aka Lukla Airport.
  • Helicopter landing experience at Kala Patthar at an altitude of 5545m.
  • Helicopter landing experience at Pheriche village, a popular stop for trekkers and climbers.
  • Flyover Khumbu glacier and Everest base camp.
  • Book helicopters on a private and group joining basis.
  • Breakfast at the highest mountain hotel in the world, Hotel Everest view.

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Everest base camp helicopter tour

Everest base camp helicopter tour in Nepal is one of the best day tour programs. This tour operates from Kathmandu airport and takes you to the base camp of Mt. Everest. Kathmandu to Everest by helicopter in a limited hour is possible for people of all ages. You don’t have to be physically 100% fit to participate in this helicopter tour to Everest. The Everest base camp helicopter tour is one of the most famous tours among millions of tours in the world. Kathmandu airport is the main gateway that lies in the Asian country of the globe, Nepal, to start the Everest base camp helicopter tour activity at the best price.

In this helicopter tour to Mount Everest, you will be picked up early in the morning from your hotel and transferred to the domestic terminal airport. Once you check into the airport and after finishing the formalities of body weight and security check-in, you will be transferred to gate number 2. There you will meet an on-duty staff who will transfer you to the helipad by private cab. Once you reach the helipad for the Mount Everest helicopter tour, our friendly pilots will give you short yet brief information about the tour and its itinerary plan. Experienced pilots play the role of a Himalayas guide during this Everest helicopter tour in Nepal. The seat arrangement process is done at the helipad in Kathmandu for the first phase of a 50 minutes flight to Lukla airport.

During your flight to Lukla for a helicopter tour to Everest base camp, you will fly over Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. Aerial view of Kathmandu valley by helicopter lets you see and imagine its area directly from your eyes. Fly over towards another beautiful ancient city Bhaktapur, with views of local Newari traditional temples, Newari living styles, and views of some small ponds which are symbols of swimming pools in the king’s age of historical Nepal. Nepal is a beautiful country to visit for the historical, cultural, and traditional local village tour.

Crossing the Alpine forest of Himalayan valleys, local villages like Jiri, Salieri, and several hills are seen from helicopters. Likewise, you will fly towards the lap of Lamjura Hill, which is one of the highest hills that need to be crossed before reaching Lukla airport. Lukla airport is known as one of the most dangerous airports in Nepal. But while flying in a helicopter on the Everest tour, you don't have to worry. Our pilots are experienced and well known for flying in the route. 

Reaching Lukla valley within 45 to 50 minutes provides you with the best landing opportunity at Lukla airport. There you will be provided a short break of 20 minutes for refueling the helicopter. The helicopter carries extra fuel for returning to Kathmandu after succeeding in the Everest helicopter tour. During the short landing period, you can have a sightseeing tour of Lukla airport standing at an elevation of 2845 meters above sea level. 

At the airport, meet the local trekkers who are boarding the flight to Kathmandu or who landed at Lukla airport for starting a trek to Everest. You can see a number of local roofs, guest houses, small monasteries, and local settlements from the airport. Lukla airport remains busy during the main seasons (spring and autumn). Lukla airport is the most dangerous airport in the world, you can enjoy making videos of aircraft while thrilling landings and take off. 

Mount Everest base camp helicopter tour

The helicopter will proceed toward the Everest base camp. While you are at Lukla airport, you can exchange seats on the helicopter. However, everyone in the group joining the Everest base camp helicopter tour will be facilitated by window seats after Pheriche. If you are a small group of 3 traveling from Kathmandu, everyone will be getting window seats throughout the journey. But if you are 5 people traveling in 1 helicopter from Kathmandu, then we will provide another landing at Pheriche.

Pheriche is a beautiful village located at around 4371 meters in height. It is a beautiful village where lots of trekkers make their overnight stay after returning from the Everest base camp trek. From the Pheriche helipad, you will see skyscraping mountains alongside a number of local tea houses. Here in Pheriche, your group will be split into two (if there are more than 3 persons in a helicopter) for boarding on a helicopter above 4300 meters. It is because the helicopter to Mount Everest cannot carry more than 245 kilograms above 4300 meters. 

The first 3 people will fly from Pheriche to Everest base camp in a helicopter and the remaining 2 will get the time to enjoy the short-distance sightseeing tours in Pheriche. You will get 30 minutes of ground time for experiencing your high-altitude footsteps at 4300 meters. Once the other 3 people complete the tour to Kalapathar and return back to Pheriche, they will get off the helicopter and you will board a helicopter, and fly towards Kala Patthar.

Helicopter flight to Everest base camp from Pheriche takes 30 minutes to complete the full circuit. Pheriche to Ebc helicopter flight would fly over to Everest base camp and take you directly to Kala Patthar (5644.5 meters) with full excitement. Kalapathar is the view tower that offers the best view of Mount Everest (8848.86 meters) from a close distance.

The third phase of landing at Kalapather would last for 5 to 8 minutes. It is because the helicopter cannot switch off at high altitudes because of strong wind. If it switches off, it becomes difficult to restart the engine because it gets cold due to the minus temperature. So after a short minute of landing and footsteps at the highest altitude of the Everest helicopter tour, you will again fly to Pheriche with an Everest base camp aerial view.

Meet with your friends at Pheriche and fly together to Hotel Everest View for breakfast. This is the fourth phase of landing during the tour to Everest base camp by helicopter. Hotel Everest View is one of the famous places for the panoramic view of Mt Everest. Hotel Everest View is in Syangboche village at an altitude of 3880 meters above another famous town Namche Bazaar.

Breakfast at Everest base camp can be a dream for everyone and this tour makes it possible. One hour of a break for breakfast at HEV during the Everest base camp helicopter tour gives extra mileage to this trip. Taste and experience the local food and sherpa cuisines in the Everest region during the stopover. Enjoy the tasty breakfast during the Everest base camp helicopter tour with a sunbath at Hotel Everest View.

Everest helicopter tour then continues with the return helicopter flight to Lukla airport. There will be a short break for refueling. After refueling, the helicopter flies towards Kathmandu which offers an extra footage view of similar landscapes, flora, fauna, and paddy fields.

The Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing ends at Kathmandu airport. Upon arrival at Kathmandu, you will be transferred to a hotel or connected with other alternative domestic or international flights. After completion of the tour, your feedback and reviews regarding this program will be highly appreciated. We always feel grateful to receive your original experience story while flying with Nepal Rental Car Pvt. Ltd.

What services does Nepal Rental Car Pvt Ltd provide?

Nepal Rental Car not only provides rental car services, but we also provide helicopter rental services throughout Nepal and the Himalayas. Nepal helicopter rental services are mostly searched by travelers who plan to visit Kathmandu. We provide Kathmandu to Everest base camp helicopter rental services for private and group joining tours. Our other services are leasing a private helicopter for the Everest tour, Everest expedition, and pick up and drop off services in the Everest region. Kathmandu helicopter rental services are offered at the best price in a budget-friendly manner for all Nepal helicopter tours as our MOTTO. 

  • 24 / 7 Customer support
  • Best Price Guaranteed
  • No Extra Cost
  • Easy Booking

Major Attractions of Everest base camp helicopter tour


Kalapatthar is also known as ‘black rock’ which is a notable landmark and very popular with trekkers in the Everest region of Nepal. It offers the most remarkable view of Mount Everest which is not possible from the Everest base camp. It is a landing point for helicopters located on the south ridge of Pumori. The views of Everest, Nuptse, and Changtse are spectacular from Kala Patthar.

Hotel Everest View at Syangboche

Hotel Everest View is one of the highest mountain hotels in the world. It is located at Syangboche. Everest view hotel gives you another chance to view mount Everest with the other Himalayas. You can enjoy Himalayan dishes in the Everest view hotel. During the Everest base camp helicopter tour, you have at least one hour of time to enjoy in HEV.

Khumbu Glacier

The Khumbu Glacier is located between Mount Everest and the Lhotse-Nuptse ridge in the Khumbu region of northeastern Nepal. It is the world’s highest glacier with an elevation of 4,900 m (16,100 ft) at its terminus to 7,600 m (24,900 ft).  It followed for the final part of the trail to one of the Everest Base Camps. 

Lukla Airport (Tenzing Hillary Airport)

Tenzing-Hillary Airport, otherwise called Lukla Airport., is a homegrown air terminal. It acquired overall distinction as it was evaluated as the riskiest air terminal on the planet for over 20 years by a program named Most Extreme Airports, broadcast on The History Channel in 2010. The air terminal is famous in light of the fact that it is viewed as the beginning stage of a journey toward Mount Everest base camps.

Everest Base Camps

Everest base camp is the rudimentary base camp of Mount Everest standing at an altitude of 5364 meters (on the south side) above sea level. It is the dream destination for travelers all around the world to reach the base camp of the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, because of which around 40,000 travelers execute their trek from Lukla every year. Similarly, time-bound travelers choose the Everest base camp helicopter tour to conquer the base camp in the shortest period of time.

Best season for the Everest base camp helicopter tour

Everest base camp helicopter tour runs throughout the year. You can expect to visit Everest base camp by helicopter every day from Kathmandu in beautiful weather. Nepal Himalayas get clear in the following months.

  • September, October, and November are the top-most and best months of the Autumn season for visiting the Everest base camp by helicopter. During these months mountains are covered with snow and you can encounter snow during your landing at a high altitude.
  • March, April, and May are the secondary major months of the Spring season of the year to complete the Everest base camp helicopter tour. During these months, the Himalayas offers rhododendron flowering forests and beautiful snow-capped mountains. It provides a normal temperature that is not too cold and not too hot. For those travelers who are afraid of cold weather, it is recommended to choose the above months to visit Nepal. 

Besides the above-mentioned months, June, December, January, and February are good enough for doing this tour. But if you are planning to visit Nepal this month, you are kindly requested to have a few spare days to capture the beautiful weather from Kathmandu before starting the tour.

Everest base camp helicopter tour cost

Everest base camp helicopter tour cost at minimum is $895 per person to a maximum of $4500 per helicopter. The helicopter tour to Everest base camp costs a single person and is comparatively expensive if you plan to go alone. But traveling in a group of people makes a difference in the cost of the Everest Heli tour. Nepal Rental Car offers the best price for an Everest helicopter tour. Mount Everest helicopter tour costs differ for group sharing and on a private basis.

Number of passengers Group joining Everest helicopter tour cost
1 or 2 pax $995 per person
3 or 4 pax $925 per person
5 to 10 pax $895 per person


Group joining Everest base camp helicopter tour cost for a single person is $895 at lowest. Here we have prepared this price list for paying together in a group joining the Heli tour to Mt. Everest.

  • The cost for 1 or 2 pax is $995 per person
  • The cost for 3 or 4 pax is $925 per person
  • The cost for 5 to 10 pax is $895 per person

Private Everest base camp helicopter tour cost for a single shuttle is $3300 per helicopter at the cheapest price. However, Everest base camp helicopter flyover tours can be possible at the lowest price. The price increases with the increment of the shuttle with landing. The price of private Everest helicopters differs according to the number of passengers traveling together in the helicopter. The booking cost of the Everest private Heli tour is as follows.

Number of travelers/shuttle    Private Everest helicopter tour cost
1 - 3 people (single shuttle) $3550 per helicopter 
4 people (double shuttle) $3850 per helicopter  
5 people (double shuttle) $4250 per helicopter 


If the total number in a private family or in a group exceeds more than 5 people you will have to order the next helicopter to run the tour. Also if the total body weight of the total passenger exceeds the limit of 500 kgs in 1 helicopter then you will have to rent the next helicopter. A helicopter from Kathmandu to Pheriche (4300meters) flies with maximum loads of 500kgs and after Pheriche, it carries 240kgs till Kalapathar. The extra shuttle cost of a helicopter for the sector Pheriche to Kalapathar is $500 per shuttle.

Everest region helicopter tours by Nepal Rental Car 

  • Lukla to Everest Base camp / Kala Patthar to Lukla or Kathmandu by helicopter flight.
  • Namche Bazaar to Everest base camp / landing at Kala Patthar and return to Lukla or Kathmandu in helicopter flight.
  • Phakding to Everest base camp and back to Kathmandu with a helicopter.
  • Tengboche to Everest base camp and drop at Lukla or Kathmandu in a helicopter.
  • Heli flight from Pangboche to Everest base camp and return to Kathmandu or Lukla.
  • Helicopter flight from Pheriche village to Everest base camp and fly back to Lukla or Kathmandu.
  • Helicopter flight from Lobuche or Thukla to Everest base camp and back to Lukla or Kathmandu.
  • Gorak Shep to Everest base camp Helicopter flight and return to Lukla or Kathmandu.
  • Everest base camp to Lukla or Kathmandu Helicopter flight.

Everest base camp helicopter tour itinerary highlights

  1. 06:30 AM - Pick up from the hotel and transfer to the domestic airport.
  2. 07:00 AM - Check with security formalities, and drive to the helipad.
  3. 07: 30 AM - Fly towards Lukla.
  4. 08:20 AM - Defueling at Lukla.
  5. 08:40 AM - Lukla to Pheriche helicopter flight.
  6. 09:00 AM - Heli flight to Kala Patthar and landing.
  7. 09:40 AM - Flight to Hotel Everest View for breakfast.
  8. 10:40 AM - Heli ride to Kathmandu via Lukla airport.

Outline Itinerary

Nepal Rental Car offers this genuine helicopter rental service to reach Everest base camp within a minimum period of time. Here, we present the calculative schedule to operate this helicopter tour to base camp Everest. Still, the time mentioned below may fluctuate due to the weather condition or the sky visibility level as the helicopter will take off only if there is the clear signal to fly over.

06:30 AM - Pick up from the hotel and transfer to Kathmandu Airport.

Early in the morning, the company representative will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to the Kathmandu airport in a private vehicle. It will take around 30 minutes to reach the airport. Enroute, enjoy the fresh air and pursuit of early birds with a comfortable drive.

07:00 AM - Check in to the airport, complete formalities and proceed towards helipad.

Once you reach the airport, there will be a security check and weight inspection. This will lead towards proper and effective seatings on the helicopter. After checking, the on-duty staff will take you to the helipad through gate number 2 of the airport terminal.

07: 30 AM - Board to helicopter and fly towards Lukla.

Upon arrival at the helipad, the pilot will brief you about the flight, itinerary plan, and do’s and don’ts on the helicopter. Afterwards, you will board on the helicopter as per seat planning and fly towards Lukla. It will take around 45 to 50 minutes to reach Lukla from Kathmandu. Enroute, have the perspective of high hills, alpine forests, cultural and ancient architectures, rivers, ponds, and so on.

08:20 AM - Land at Lukla and pause for short break.

Upon arrival at Lukla, the helicopter will pause for around 20 minutes to take a short break. At this break, the helicopter defuels and you will have the first landing opportunity above 2800 meters. Also, you will have the views of high mountains, green hills, local settlements, markets, monasteries, guest houses, and so on. After the break is over, you will fly directly to Kala Patthar if you are a maximum of 3 persons (with maximum weight of 245 kilograms per helicopter). Otherwise, fly to Pheriche.

08:40 AM - Fly from Lukla to Pheriche and maintain shuttle.

If there are more than 3 persons flying from Kathmandu in a helicopter, then you will fly from Lukla to Pheriche and then to Kala Patthar. In Pheriche, the shuttle is maintained, as the helicopter cannot fly more than 245 kilograms above 4300 meters.

09:00 AM - Fly to Kala Patthar and stopover.

After the shuttle is maintained in Pheriche, you will fly towards Kala Patthar. It will take around 30 minutes to reach Kala Patthar from Pheriche. Kala Patthar is the highest vantage point in the Everest region standing at an altitude of 5545 meters above sea level. It offers the best and closest view of Mount Everest (8848.86 meters). At Kala Patthar, you will have 5 to 8 minutes of ground time in order to enjoy the photographic moments of the high mountain peaks, ranges, and surrounding natural sphere.

09:40 AM - Fly to Hotel Everest View and stopover.

After a short excursion in Kala Patthar, you will fly towards Hotel Everest View via Pheriche. It will take around 10 to 15 minutes to reach Hotel Everest View from Kala Patthar. And, at Hotel Everest View, the helicopter will land for around an hour. You can utilize this time by grabbing the best breakfast of Nepalese or foreign taste with the front-eye view of Mount Everest.

10:40 AM - Fly from Hotel Everest View to Kathmandu via Lukla.

This is the final phase of this Everest base camp helicopter tour as you will fly from Hotel Everest View to Kathmandu via Lukla. It takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Kathmandu from HEV. When the helicopter lands at Lukla, there will be a short break for helicopter refueling and afterwards the helicopter flight continues to Kathmandu. Upon arrival at Kathmandu, the company representative will drop you at your hotel or you can have a bridging flight to your country or connect to other trip itineraries in Nepal.

Cost Includes:

  • Pick-up from Hotel to domestic airport (TIA) and drop back to hotel.
  • Arrangement of Everest base camp entry permit.
  • Medical kits & Oxygen Cylinder for emergency cases in helicopters.
  • 1 Hour ground time at Everest View Hotel for Breakfast.
  • 6 to 8 Minute of landing at Kala patthar.
  • Government Taxes & Helicopter fuel surcharges. 
  • Life insurance during a helicopter ride.

Cost Excludes:

  • Personal expenses during the helicopter trip.
  • Sagarmatha national park entry fee.
  • $2 Airport Tax.
  • Cost of Breakfast at Hotel Everest view or Syangboche.

Useful Information

Safety rules and travel tips for Everest base camp helicopter tour 

Here are some of the safety tips that need to be followed before doing this Everest Base camp helicopter tour. Kindly read the below-given safety rules:

  • Do not disturb the pilot and make unnecessary movements during the ride as it may lead to serious consequences.
  • Do not exchange your seats while a helicopter is flying. You can change your seats after landing and after consulting the pilot.
  • Before the tour, the pilot will inform you about the important things related to the helicopter ride so pay attention to the pilot.
  • Only approach the helicopter after the pilot indicates you to do so and follow the instructions given by the pilot.
  • Always carry minimum and necessary luggage and secure your belongings while approaching the helicopter.
  • You’re not allowed to smoke in the helicopter. Also, it is recommended not to smoke at high altitudes.
  • If any of your belongings are blown away or fall down, do not chase them.
  • While exiting the helicopter, wait for the indication from the pilot.

Packing list for Everest base camp Heli tour

  • Down jacket (Windproof)
  • Sunglasses
  • Water Bottle
  • Lip balm and lotion 
  • Silk/Nylon scarf
  • Toiletries
  • Full sleeve shirts
  • Warm pair of trousers
  • Camera essentials

FAQs of Everest base camp helicopter tour

Why choose an Everest base camp helicopter tour?

Everest base camp helicopter tour takes you to the highest viewpoint of the Everest region of Nepal, Kala Patthar at an altitude of 5644.5 meters above sea level. Also, you will fly over the base camp of Everest. This helicopter trip offers the finest aerial and terrene views of high mountains and local surroundings in a limited time span of 4 to 5 hours. Primarily, you will have the close-eye and peregrine view of Mount Everest, the best jewel of Nepal and the highest altitude mountain in the world elevated at 8848.86 meters above sea level.

Do I need a permit for an Everest base camp helicopter tour?

Indeed. You will need a Sagarmatha National Park for Everest base camp helicopter tour in Nepal. The permit will cost USD 30 and we will arrange it for you before your trip.

Is there a chance that the Everest base camp helicopter tour gets delayed?

Yes, there is a chance that the Everest base camp helicopter tour gets delayed because of the weather conditions and low visibility level. But it is a rare case as we plan everything by looking over the weather forecasts. Also, if the helicopter flight tour gets canceled due to some unfortunate situation, you will get full or partial refunds as per our refund policy.

What to do if someone suffers from Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) during an EBC helicopter tour?

NTA operates the helicopter trip to Everest with all the safety measures to keep you safe and sound. However, in the case that someone suffers from Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), immediate first aid treatment will be given. But if the health condition does not get any better, you will be flown towards the lower altitude (like Lukla) or directly to Kathmandu. Then, further medical treatments will be provided.

I am a solo traveler. How can I book an Everest base camp helicopter tour?

No matter if you are a solo traveler or are in a group. You can go for the helicopter ride on either group joining or private basis. The group sharing tour remains budget-friendly and private helicopter tour remains comparatively higher.

Do we land at Everest base camp during a helicopter tour?

During the Everest base camp helicopter tour, the helicopter mostly lands at Kala Patthar Viewpoint (5644.5 meters) - the highest viewpoint in the Everest region of Nepal, for the best front-eye view of Mount Everest. However, we can arrange the landing at the base camp Everest on the customer’s requirement if the landing situation is favorable.

Departure Details

We offer daily fixed departures for this Everest base camp helicopter tour throughout the year. We arrange advance or last-minute booking for this Everest tour with a helicopter for the years 2022 and 2023 from the book now section below. Here are the quick contact details for your ease if you have any queries regarding the trip.

Nepal mobile (+977 9801017030 - Binod Sapkota) 24 Hrs available on WhatsApp, Viber, or WeChat.

9 Reviews for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

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  • noimage
    By , United States

    Helicopter tour to Everest base camp

    The tour to Everest base camp is something one can never forget. The view from Kala Patthar was phenomenal and the local breakfast at Hotel Everest view was also mouth-watering. I really enjoyed the Everest base camp helicopter tour. Thanks to Nepal Rental Car for this excellently organised tour.

  • noimage
    By , Germany

    Everest base camp helicopter tour

    I decided to do a helicopter tour instead of the trek on the recommendation of the Nepal Rental Car. I was glad that I did the Everest base camp helicopter tour as it was a very amazing experience and the aerial of the towering mountains of the Khumbu region was mesmerizing. I fully admired the beauty of mountain peaks and thanks to Nepal Rental Car for planning and organizing this tour perfectly.

  • noimage
    By , Australia

    Everest Base camp helicopter tour at best cost

    We had an overwhelming experience on the Everest Base camp helicopter tour. The cost offered by Nepal Renta; Car was reasonable in comparison to other companies. As we had inquired about it with other companies before joining the helicopter tour to Everest base camp but the service and cost offered by Nepal Rental Car are incomparable.

  • noimage
    By , United States

    Everest base camp helicopter tour

    Our tour to Everest base camp was excellently organised by Nepal Rental Car. Thank you for your prompt response and flexibility. Even though the weather seemed unfavourable, our captain waited for the right moment and flew us toward Everest base camp. The landing at Kala Patthar and breakfast at Hotel Everest were amazing. Considering how they adjusted our tour to suit the weather and inform us about the benefit of doing a tour in alternative to trek, I will surely do another tour with  Nepal Rental Car.

  • noimage
    By , United Arab Emirates

    Everest base camp helicopter tour

    We were a group of 5 and we decided to do a helicopter tour to the base camp of world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. After contacting Nepal Rental Car, we booked a private helicopter to Everest base camp. We were satisfied by the company as they completed the whole tour perfectly. From the start to the end of the tour everything was perfectly managed.

  • noimage
    By , United States

    Everest base camp helicopter tour

    Recently I flew on a helicopter to Everest base camp which was the best experience of my life. The whole tour was short yet thrilling. The aerial view of the snow capped mountains was breathtaking. We were 3 in number and each of us got a chance to stay at a window seat and enjoy the stunning view from the top. We were also satisfied by the company as they completed the tour perfectly. From the start to the end of the trip we were well managed.

  • noimage
    By , Spain

    Everest base camp helicopter tour

    Few days ago I returned back from Everest base camp helicopter tour which was a lifetime experience for me. I booked a group joining a helicopter tour with Nepal Rental Car. The other passengers on the flight were very friendly. While starting our tour from Luka, the weather seemed not favorable but the higher we flew the more clear it became.  The view from the top was beyond amazing. I was so happy and fully satisfied by the tour. Thanks to Nepal Rental Car for this amazing tour package.

  • noimage
    By , France

    Everest base camp helicopter tour

    The day I did Everest base camp helicopter tour was the best day of my life. Everything was so perfect and beyond stunning. I was amazed by the beauty of the mountains and its surroundings. The company representative made this tour more enjoyable from his lifetime experience. Doing this tour with a Nepal Rental car was very comfortable. They were very cooperative with us. Will surely recommend others as well.

  • noimage
    By , United Kingdom

    Everest base camp helicopter tour

    Everest base camp helicopter tour gave us the lifetime experience to view the world height mountain Mount Everest. Recently I did this tour with my friends which was a memorable day of my life. The tour was short but the memories that we collected from this Everest Base camp helicopter tour was life long. The representative guided us through the beautiful mountains and answered all the queries as well. We recommend you to choose this company “Nepal rental car” as they operate this tour professionally.

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