• Easy Online Booking System
  • Pick up and drop off facilities from desire location (inside Pokhara and Chitwan)
  • Well-maintained cars with an experienced driver
  • A professional driver with good English fluency
  • Comfortable and relaxing ride to your destination
  • Last-minute booking facility is also obtainable
  • Luxurious ride in reasonable price
  • Stoppage facilities at your desire location
  • Knowledge about Tharu people and their culture
  • View of green forest, river, vegetation, etc


Pokhara and Chitwan is the best-combined trip package as both of the cities have their beauties. The tour to these places gives a chance to explore the natural beauties and the wildlife of nature. These two places contribute a lot to tourism the sector of Nepal offering the best view of wilderness, flora, local cultures, and the residents. Pokhara, also known as the Lake City of Nepal, is rich in its natural resources and adventurous activities whereas Chitwan has its unique wilderness and faunal magnificence of famous Chitwan National Park. The places are highly visited by tourists all around the world, including the insiders of Nepal. As the places are highly explored, it gets difficult to find a proper vehicle either private or public, to reach the designated place, whether it is Chitwan or Pokhara.

To address this tiring situation, Nepal Rental Car offers the Car renting a facility in Nepal throughout the country. Hiring a car makes it easier to travel from one place to another in a minimum time frame with a lot more luxury. Hence the trip becomes relaxing and comfortable. For this pick up and drop off service from Pokhara to Chitwan, Nepal Rental car offers 50+ luxurious and branded vehicles of well-maintained and furnished condition. One can choose the car upon their own choice regarding the level of luxury, added facilities (such as Wi-Fi, snacks, water, etc), and especially the group size. The normal car can adjust up to 4 members whereas the SUV can accommodate up to 7 people in a car. You can prefer to talk in detail about the required car, number of people, and simply ask for the suggestion to the company representative while booking.

The driving distance from Pokhara to Chitwan is 147 kilometers and it will take around 5 to 6 hours to complete the distance between the places, including the meal breaks on the route. With hired vehicles to reach Chitwan from Pokhara, the time may reduce as well. The car will stop at its schedule in the marked places but if you desire to stop at any location for the view, you can do so with proper consultation with the driver. But please remember to consider the time, as it can affect the arrival time at the destination of the day.

Pokhara Chitwan by Car Trip Details

Involved Car Brands: Toyota, Ford, KIA, SUV, Skoda, etc with different seating arrangements

Car Drivers: Well-experienced, professional, English Speaking, libelous and understanding, cooperative, knowledgeable about the places,

Total Distance: 147 Kilometers

Total Driving Time: 5 to 6 Hours (time may fluctuate)

Chitwan to Pokhara by Car

Nepal Rental Car offers Chitwan to Pokhara by car service as well. Along with this facility, one can easily transfer from Chitwan to Kathmandu. The driving distance and the time of drive remain the same, but the weather condition, road condition, traffics jams, etc are some factors that can contribute to time fluctuation.

Pokhara to Chitwan by Car Route

We will start our trip from Pokhara towards the Lamachaur road and continue through Nadipur road and Ranipauwa road to Prithvi Highway. From Prithvi Highway, we will continue our ride to Narayangarh – Muglin Highway to Ratnanagar. From there, we move forward to Baganmara Village Road to Malpur Road and at last, after a few hours of drive, we will reach our destination that will be Chitwan. Throughout the whole drive, you will be able to greenery view, the local residence of Tharu and their daily lifestyle, etc. Chitwan to Pokhara by Car Route also remains the same at the reverse order.

Major Attractions of Pokhara Chitwan Pick up Drop off Service

  • View of greenery forest and rivers
  • Residence of local Tharu people and their daily lifestyle
  • Tharu museum and art gallery
  • Different temples like Banke Bihari Temple, Ganga Mandir, Laxman Mandir, etc
  • En-route greenery and residence
  • Chilled breeze, serene environment, and the structured roadways

What to expect from Pokhara Chitwan by Car Drive with NRC?

While booking the trip from Pokhara to Chitwan or Chitwan to Pokhara with Nepal Rental Car, you may have various questions that arise in your mind regarding what to expect and what not to. Here are some of the factors that you can expect from us while booking Pokhara Chitwan by Car Drive.

  • Well furnished and clean car
  • A commodious and relaxing ride
  • A luxurious ride in reasonable price
  • Pick-up and drop-off facilities from your desire spot in Pokhara/Chitwan
  • A professional and an experienced driver with good English speaking
  • Won’t have the problem of refilling the fuel before and after the trip as it is included in the mentioned cost
  • Won’t have to clean the vehicle before returning it (it is included in the mentioned cost)
  • Can stop at any location as per your wish
  • No independent traveling (hiring a driver is mandatory)
  • Last-minute booking can also, be done (suppose you want to travel at night, then you can book the vehicle in the early morning too – hence this situation is significant)

How can I hire a car from Pokhara to Chitwan?

There is a simple and easy online booking process to hire a car with NRC, or you can also make a direct call on the office phone or authorized person (as mentioned on our website). Mailing us and connecting on some social media (such as Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, etc) is also appreciable. While hiring the car, you have to leave the details of the group size, luxury level, price estimation, etc, so that we can arrange the vehicle accordingly. The booking confirmation will be provided to you as soon as the payment is confirmed. With this easy and secure process, you can easily hire a car for Pokhara Chitwan Road Transportation.

Can I stop the car anywhere while traveling from Pokhara to Chitwan (or Chitwan to Pokhara)?

Indeed, you can stop at any area according to your desire. In the event that you need to have food, need brief breaks or appreciate the view of the surrounding, then you simply need to ask the driver for it and he will stop the vehicle accordingly. On the off chance that you need to stop for over an hour like for an entire day or to go through a night (at any area en-route), then you need to pay additional charges for it and inform the operator about your adjustments.

Cost Includes:

  • Professional and Experienced Driver
  • Brand New Car
  • Car fuel charge
  • Car cleaning charge

Cost Excludes:

  • Meals   
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Personal expenses 
  • Extra equipments etc

Useful Information

  • Book the vehicle at least 3 days formerly than the trip date. Last-minute booking is also obtainable though
  • Follow the traffic rules while traveling such as do not take hand and head outside of the car, do not insist drive stop at no-stop-zone, and so on
  • Do not disturb the driver while driving. You can ask about the places and talk but do not distract them throughout
  • Do not have food and water from any place. Ask for drivers' suggestion about the proper and hygienic place while you need to eat and drink
  • Refer to mineral water bottle while traveling as it is safer than water from any random places
  • Carry some hand cash than relying on ATM booths and money exchangers
  • Keep calm if the car stops in a middle way because of traffic jams, geographical a condition such as rainfall, landslide, road condition, and so on
  • There is no age restriction for going for this road trip to Pokhara from Chitwan or Chitwan from Pokhara
  • Know about the weather before going for the trip and backpack accordingly

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  • noimage
    By , South Africa

    Private Car Rent for Pokhara Chitwan Ride

    Traveling in a private car is always relaxing and we can reach our destination faster than public buses. So we decided to do our trip in a private car and contacted Nepal Rental Car to hire a car with them. The services provided by them were satisfying as the car arrived on time and the whole trip was relaxed and smooth. We were happy that we were still full of energy when we reached our destination. The driver was experienced and suggested a few places to pause around as he had knowledge about the places and the prices as well. The car provided to us was also clean and like a brand new one. I like the way they serve their client. Thank you Nepal Rental Car for this remarkable and calm ride to Chitwan. Great job!

  • noimage
    By , Sri Lanka

    Family Trip to Chitwan with Rental Car Nepal

    It was our family trip from Pokhara to Chitwan. We were four numbered and thought that traveling in the local vehicle might be a bit tiring. So, we decided to hire a private car for our trip. The children were very happy listening to that. So after contacting Nepal Rental Car, we hired a car and started our trip. It was quite relaxing and comfortable. We even stop at some places to have meals and for some short breaks. The places recommended by the driver were good enough to watch out for moments and capture pictures. We were still full of energy when we reached the destination and the car was well maintained and clean, even after traveling through that long route. We were very satisfied with the services. Thank you Nepal Rental Car for everything. We truly enjoyed your ride. Thumbs up!

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