• Visit to great wildlife reserve of Nepal that covers area of 175 square kilometres.
  • View of rare wild buffalo arna
  • 489 species of birds
  • Other rare animals such as hog deer, spotted deer, gaur, Indian fox, dolphin, gharial crocodile, and rock python
  • Rare birds such as swamp partridge, fishing eagle and birds migrated from many other countries
  • 80 species of fishes including gangetic dolphin
  • Jeep safari
  • River rafting in saptakoshi river


Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Tour is yet another amazing tour to experience in Nepal. The wildlife reserve preserves the wide number of flora and fauna. It lies in southeastern Terai in the bank of Saptakoshi River. The wildlife reserve was established in 1976 A.D.The wildlife reserve covers 3 districts, namely, Sunsari district, Saptari district, and Udayapur district. The area of Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve is 175 sq km. the wildlife reserve is said to have 489 species of birds, 219 number of rare animal Arna, and some number of rare dolphins as well. It is mainly famous for the rare animal – the wild buffalo ‘Arna’. At some time of year, the Siberian birds dwell in this area which makes the area more special. Mainly at winter, the birds from Mongolia, Tibet, Afghanistan, Spain, as well as Iran visit the beauty of this place. The other preserved animals in this place are hog deer, spotted deer, gaur, Indian fox, dolphin, gharial crocodile, and rock python. The rare species of birds found in this area are swamp partridge (not found anywhere except this area), fishing eagle, Branted rail kingfisher, etc.

Arna Buffalo at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Nepal Rental Car

 Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is sometimes called as the heaven of birds and capital of Arna. Except for birds and animals, the area has 80 species of fishes including Gangetic dolphin. Getting the view of dolphin in a landlocked country Nepal is a very rare and amazing thing to experience. The place is literally surrounded by the beauty of nature, the greenery and the preservation of rare birds and animal. The jeep safari is famous in this area for sightseeing of the greenery and the rare animals and birds in this place. Except that, the tour also consists of Saptakoshi River rafting to add some adventure to your journey. The journey inside the wildlife reserve of Nepal would provide an exciting experience. The best months to visit this place are November to February as the migrated birds could be seen within these months. Although, the view is beautiful throughout the year. The area is famous for the tourism purpose.

The tour is 3 nights 4 days long starting from Kathmandu. The tour starts with a ride from Kathmandu to Koshi Tappu which would take up to 10 hours. The tour further includes walk towards wildlife reserve, jeep safari inside the wildlife reserve and the most adventurous experience in the tour would be the river rafting in the Saptakoshi River. The rafting experience would be very much fun with experienced guides. A boat, life jacket and a group of adventurous beings playing with the row breaking the river, playing with the tides of the river would really provide a satisfying adventure. The jeep safari would also be interesting passing through the jungle viewing the rare species of animals and birds, surrounded with greenery, reaching to the bank of the river having 80 species of fishes including dolphin. The tour would overall carry a memorable experience and adventure.

Nepal Rental Car is a trustworthy company that provides good vehicles with experienced and skilled drivers. The tour days can be exceeded or reduced according to your demand. The change in plans can be done according to your flexibility. You would not have any complaints about the services provided by our team.

Outline Itinerary

Day 1: Drive from  Kathmandu to Koshi Tappu

It a starting day of the trip. Firstly we will start our journey from Kathmandu in the early morning to Koshi Tappu. Its 8 to 10 hours journey on the road to reach the Koshi Tappu, but the road trips always give you so much excitement in the heart. You can see many things on the way like different kind of people, different kind of cultural and traditional, flora and fauna and other many natural beauties. Seeing all these beauties of nature we will reach the destination and stay at the hotel, freshen up, have our dinner and sleep.

Day 2: Explore Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Another day with another adventures day of the trip. Firstly we will have breakfast and then being ready we will go for some walk in the natural beauty which is around us. We will visit in the Koshi Bagara and the most adventurous experience in the trip would be the rafting in the Saptakoshi River. In between, we will have our lunch as well.  After roaming all around, we will go back to the hotel and have our dinner and take a rest.

Day 3: Explore Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Waking up in the early morning and having breakfast. We will get ready and then go for the jeep safari inside the wildlife reserve. While doing a safari in the jeep you and see the beautiful greenery of the place, some rare species of animals and birds as well. In the bank of the river has 80 species of fishes including dolphin.  You will have the best time of your life there. After the beautiful day, we will go back to the hotel and freshen up and have our dinner and went to sleep.

Day 4: Drive Back to Kathmandu

After getting ready in the morning and having breakfast. We will ready to return back to the Kathmandu from Koshi Tappu. And we will sure you will return with so many memories and the smile in your face.

Cost Includes:

  • Pick up and drop services
  • Vehicle and rental charges
  • Well skilled driver
  • Fuel

Cost Excludes:

  • Accommodations and meal charges
  • Entrance fees and any other charges

Useful Information

Accommodation During Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Tour

At the main day, we will make your stay at Kathmandu in the lodging as you request. What's more, in other goals, you will remain at the tea house or the lavish lodging as you wish and you can remain at the retreat too. Convenience will be agreeable and pleasant.

Meal During Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Tour

You will be served with typical Nepali food Daal Bhat Tarkari. Also, other cuisines can be made available as per your requirement. Refreshment like Tea, Coffee, hot lemon, soft drink, and so forth are likewise accessible.

Safety Measures

In the event that you feel very little agreeable in transportation in transit, you can take prescriptions for the issues you face like migraine, retching and so on. You can discover the drugs and plastic sacks in transportation likewise yet for what reason to take the risk that is the reason dependably keep plastic or throwable bundles with self.

Freedom of panorama in Khosi Tappu Wildlife

While voyaging you can take pictures from the vehicle likewise yet be cautious that you don't take your hands and head out from the window. It is on the grounds that it can cause a mishap. Take heaps of photographs and gain plenty of experiences.

Level of luxury (services)

The vehicle we offer will be of your optimal. Travelers can indicate transportation with, unlike luxury amenities. It will cost according to your selection of vehicle. Amenities may include bending seats, AC space, Wi-Fi flair, bathroom flair, and so on.

Car booking service (how can you book)

The booking processes are simple and smooth to do. You can book the vehicles through the assistance of online administration or you can contact our office straightforwardly. Contact details are given to you on our site.

Vehicle changing facility (in case of emergency breakdown of the hired vehicle)

Our group will give you amenities for everything. In any case, on the off chance that the vehicle breakdown amidst the voyage, at that point we will give you another vehicle at the earliest opportunity. You can likewise change the vehicle however pre-notice of the required criteria ought to be characterized.

Humble attitude and gesture

On the adventure as an individual, you should talk compassionately with the nearby individuals. Be neighborly and don't be inconsiderate with anybody. It will make the adventure substantially more productive, as you will collaborate more with the general population. It helps you just to make new companions and furthermore discovers substantially more about better places.

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