• A simple and secure online booking system
  • Commodious and comfortable ride
  • Pickup and drop-off facilities to any points inside Kathmandu and Ilam
  • A punctual and experienced driver with good English Speaking
  • Well furnished and clean vehicle
  • Vehicle choosing facilities as per group size
  • Safe and hassle-free ride
  • Luxurious ride in affordable price
  • Free trip postponement and cancellation considering privacy policy
  • View of lush green forest, natural landscape, tea garden, etc
  • Stoppage liberty
  • No need to refill the vehicle and no worry about its cleanliness


Nepal Rental Car provides rental vehicle facilities to all those who want to travel to Ilam which is one of the best travel destinations in Nepal. Traveling in local or public buses is somehow more tiring and more difficult than a privately rented vehicle. With a private vehicle hire service, you will have the best land tour experience. One will be able to enjoy the meal, en-route attractions, and arrival at the destination as per their exact choice and requirement. There will be liberty to stop over places and enjoy the surroundings as well. NRC offers well-organized vehicles, among which cars, jeeps, buses, vans, etc fall into the category. Further, luxurious services such as hot water, Wi-Fi, AC, etc will also be offered as per the vehicle choice. You can choose the vehicles as per your group size and flexibility.

While talking about the Eastside of Nepal, Ilam is the first choice to visit which is the richest district in the context of natural green vegetation, landscape, unique cultural diversity, holy sites, etc. It is also famous for its major horticultural crop production in Nepal. There are beautiful places to visit like the tea garden, Mai Pokhari, Antu Danda, Siddhi Thumka, Kanyam and Fakkal, Gajur Mukhi, Mai Beni, etc. This place is also famous for the beautiful sunrise and sunset view from the tea garden. Many visitors are attracted to this destination in Nepal due to all of this natural beauty and cultural diversity. So, the flow of tourists is also high and keeps on increasing annually.

The distance from Kathmandu to Ilam is 526.1 kilometers so it will take approximately 12 to 13 hours of driving to cover the distance. While driving from Kathmandu to Ilam, the driver will stop for meals (3 times) and a short break, you can also stop the car as per your wish but keep the time as the priority. Renting a private vehicle will make your trip smooth, relaxing, and comfortable. It will help you to prevent the hassle and stress that you may have experienced for long 12 to 13 hours with public transport. You won't have to adjust yourself within like in public vehicles, as there will be enough space for all the members.

Kathmandu to Ilam by Car Route

The journey to Ilam will start from the pickup point of Kathmandu. We will drive to the west where we will drive on Khulekhani Phakhel Pharping road. We will continue our ride to Tribhuvan Rajhpath to East-West Highway. From there, we head toward the Mechi highway to Fikkal. We continue our drive through Mahendra Marg to Shahid Marg. From there we will head towards the Bhanu Path to our final destination Ilam. Covering all these beautiful roadways with natural surroundings, you will reach Ilam after around 12 to 13 hours of land drive. The route for Ilam to Kathmandu by rental car also remains the same but in the opposite order.

Ilam to Kathmandu by Car Route

The route from Ilam to Kathmandu is the same as from Kathmandu to Ilam but in the opposite direction. Throughout the whole drive, you will be able to see the beautiful scenery, local residents, holy places, etc. While renting a vehicle it’s better to rent it for two-way services which will help you to save time and effort. It is quite tiring and difficult to rehire the vehicle after finishing your tour. If you have hired the vehicle for two-way service then you can easily travel back to Kathmandu which will save you time as well. But if you are in Ilam and want to reach Kathmandu with the hired vehicle, then we are available for that too. You just need to call us and reserve the vehicle according to your choice. But make sure that you make a reservation at least half-day (or a day) prior to your Ilam to Kathmandu Travel.

Kathmandu to Ilam driver

The drivers we provide to you for this Kathmandu Ilam Drive are experienced and professional. They have knowledge about the tour such as road conditions, required speed, meal destination, and so on. The drivers are very punctual so you won’t have to wait for long. They will stop the vehicle for a meal when the time is suitable at the best food-providing hotels/restaurants. They will ask and stop for a short washroom break. You have the liberty to talk with them and have the vehicle stopped at any spots as well. They are good at English speaking; hence, you can easily converse with them and get information about any of the things that your interest sticks in.

How long does it take to reach Kathmandu to Ilam?

It takes approximately 12 to 13 hours to reach Ilam from Kathmandu if the road is clear. The clear road makes the trip faster, but sometimes, it might take more than the estimated time considering the geographical condition such as landslides, heavy rainfall, or maybe due to traffic jams, road construction, etc. Hence, the time to reach the destination varies.

Can I stop on the midway while traveling from Kathmandu to Ilam by Rental Car?

Yes, you can stop at the midway if you want to. The driver will stop in a few places for short breaks and meals. If you wish to enjoy the scene or buy things on the way, then you can stop the vehicle but with proper consultation with the driver. If you want to stay longer (like stay overnight), then you have to pay extra for both the vehicle and driver and have to inform the company about the changes. The food and accommodation at the stay-over hotel will be on your own.

What is Ilam famous for?

Mostly, Ilam is famous for its tea. Except for tea, it's famous for its natural landscape covered with a tea garden, mountain streams, natural dense forest, sunrise and sunset view, holy sites, and its unique culture. Some of the major attractions and things that can be done in Ilam are as follows:

  • Visiting the beautiful tea garden situated below Mt. Kanchenjunga which is also famous for its picturesque tea plantation
  • Visiting Fikkal bazaar to explore the day-to-day livelihood of the local people of Ilam
  • Explore Mai Pokhari for amazing and compelling photos
  • Visit Antu Danda for enjoying the beautiful sunrise and sunset over the snow-capped peaks
  • Exploring the Sandakpur where you can walk through beautiful dense forest to experience rare wild flora and fauna
  • Short and thrilling hike to Chhintapur
  • Sightseeing tour to Kanyam

Is it possible to drive alone from Kathmandu to Ilam?

Yes, you can drive alone from Kathmandu to Ilam but it may be a bit expensive for a single person. So is better to hire the vehicle collaborating with the other members who have the same destination to move to.

Is it possible to rent a vehicle without a driver?

No, you can’t rent a vehicle without a driver in Nepal. Looking over the road condition in Nepal, traffic situation, and most importantly, for your safety concern, NRC does not allow independent driving. Also, the cost for the driver will be encompassed within the cost while booking.

How can I hire a vehicle from Kathmandu to Ilam?

For hiring Kathmandu Ilam Rental Vehicle, you can refer to the online booking system as provided on the website. Likewise, you can contact the NRC authority; make an inquiry, and book the vehicle on the phone and on social media as well. The contact detail is provided below.

Contact Person: Shiv Raj Adhikari

Contact Number: +977 9841724847

Feel free to contact us anytime anywhere. We are just one call away from your service.

Cost Includes:

  • Kathmandu Lumbini Road Transportation with luxurious vehicles (one-way or two-way)
  • Experienced and professional drivers
  • Mineral water bottle and light snacks while you are on the vehicle
  • Vehicle cleaning charges
  • Vehicle refilling charges

Cost Excludes:

  • Any kinds of entrance fees needed
  • Meal and accommodation en-route and at the destinations
  • Any deviation of the trip at the middle of the drive
  • Stop-over at some places en-route for over an hour and for the night

Useful Information

  • Always follow traffic rule and don’t neglect your safety
  • Know about the weather condition in Nepal and particular destination, before starting the trip
  • Always carry a backpack as per your requirement and weather condition in Nepal
  • No age limitation for this trip
  • Choose a vehicle according to your group size
  • Always have meals from the recommended places by the driver. Prefer mineral water.
  • Don’t rely on money exchanger and ATM. So carry some hand cash.
  • Due to geographical condition (like a landslide or heavy rainfall) the drive may stop in a middle way so, keep calm in such situations

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  • noimage
    By , India

    Reliable and Appreciable vehicle Renting Company

    This was our second trip to Ilam and tenth in Nepal. Before this trip, we had gone there in a public vehicle and it took really longer than estimated. It became tiring and hassled experience as well. This time we didn't want that, so we booked an SUV for our travel from Kathmandu to Ilam and return back. Of course, we chose Nepal rental Car, considering the suggestion of our friends. The vehicle was good and the driver was cool enough. We reach our destination on time and we were not even tired at all. We got to explore many beautiful places out there. Ilam was very beautiful and thank god, we booked a vehicle otherwise we wouldn’t be able to grab such a wonderful experience. Thank you, NRC for the vehicle and remarkable care throughout the journey. Thumbs up!

  • noimage
    By , Bulgaria

    Incredible Vehicle Renting Service to Ilam

    The tour to Ilam was relaxing and hassle-free with the help of Nepal Rental Car. We hired a jeep for our tour as we were 8 people in our group. The ride from Kathmandu to Ilam was very relaxing and the vehicle they provided to us was very comfortable to travel along. When we reached Ilam, we were amazed by the beauty and explored around. We reached there earlier than we thought and got a chance to observe more places. We were very much satisfied with the services provided to us by the company, NRC. Thank you, Nepal Rental Car for such an incredible vehicle renting service to Ilam from Kathmandu.

  • noimage
    By , Russian Federation

    Kathmandu to Ilam by Jeep and Return Back

    We went on a tour to Ilam while I was in Nepal. We were a few numbers of people so we decided to hire a vehicle. So we contacted Nepal Rental Car for the vehicle and booked it. We booked a jeep for our tour as we were 7 in number. The tour was amazing and relaxing as well. We visited many places and the tea garden which was beyond amazing. We returned back to Kathmandu with the same car as well. I had an extraordinary journey and all of these became possible only because of Nepal Rental Car Team! Thank you so much, guys!

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