• Luxurious Ride from Kathmandu to Kande
  • A commodious and well-maintained vehicle
  • Varieties of vehicles with centered facilities such as big and bending seats, Wi-Fi, AC as per demand
  • Trip postponement and cancellation services according to company's policy
  • A safe and instant online booking system
  • Suitable price range marked according to the luxury demanded
  • An experienced and professional driver with good English fluency
  • Ride through the beautiful highways circling green hills, fast-flowing river, and stunning mountain views
  • A healthy meal at the trail-side hotel
  • Chance to interact with local people


Kathmandu to Kande Rental Vehicle Service is the best service provided by Nepal Rental Car to reach the beautiful village of Kande within a short time frame. On the route to Kande from Kathmandu, one can observe a beautiful view of nature and human settlements. Kande is 228 km away from Kathmandu. It takes around 5 to 6 hours to reach Kande from Kathmandu. The drive will start from Kathmandu and you will be able to see the beautiful green forest, Mountain View, bridges, cable cars, hotels/tea houses, and a local resident. During the drive, the vehicle will stop at some places for meals and short breaks. You can also stop the vehicle as per your desired location to enjoy nature and surrounding for a minimum time.

Kande is a small village in a far western development region of Nepal and the villagers are called Bhatt. It lies at an elevation of 1770 meters from the sea level and falls in the Gurukhola village development committee of Kaski district. This small roadside village is the starting point of the Mardi Himal Trek and Dhampus Trek of Annapurna Region. You will find tea houses, schools, village settlements, etc around the area. To explore this place, Nepal Rental car provides the best services of vehicle renting at a fully optimized cost. Hiring a vehicle is the best option to make your trip faster, comfortable and more flexible with more pristine environment views.

Nepal Rental Car provides more than 50 vehicles for rent so you won’t have to worry about the unavailability of the vehicle. NRC offers vehicles such as a car, jeep, van, mini-bus, Hi-Ace and so on. All these best vehicles are provided at a cheaper and reasonable price. You will have many options to choose the vehicle and it is suggested to book your vehicle as per the group size and level of luxury required. We also provide a driver along with the vehicle. They are experienced, professional and skilled for this kind of road trip in Nepal. NRC guarantees 100% satisfaction with its hiring vehicle facilities and generosity.

Kathmandu to Kande Rental Vehicle Services

Nepal Rental Car not only provides Kathmandu to Kande rental vehicle services but the facility goes from Kande to Kathmandu (Kande to Kathmandu rental vehicle service). You can choose either one way or two-way services. With one way, service you can drive from Kathmandu to Kande or Kande to Kathmandu, but with two ways service, you can use the same vehicle for reaching Kande and also for returning from Kande to Kathmandu. Booking the private vehicle will save time and struggle that one has to go through with public vehicles. Throughout the drive from Kathmandu to Kande and Kande to Kathmandu, you will experience beautiful Mountain View, green forest and hills, roadside settlements, fast-flowing river, etc. As this is the initial point for Mardi Himal Trek and Dhampus Trek, you will see many national and international trekkers all around the area. Renting a private vehicle will make your trip easier and more convenient.

Kathmandu to Kande Vehicle Renting Facility: When you make a booking, the vehicle will drive you from Kathmandu to Kande, drop you there and return to Kathmandu

Kande to Kathmandu Vehicle Renting Facility: When you make a booking, the vehicle will arrive at Kande from Pokhara (or Kathmandu), drive you to Kathmandu and drop you to your destination in Kathmandu

Two ways Kathmandu Kande Vehicle Rental Service: If you have booked two-way Kathmandu Kande Vehicle Rental Service, the vehicle will drive you to Kande from Kathmandu and Kathmandu from Kande, at your first and last days of the journey. You can prefer Pokhara to stay and hover around as well.

Route from Kathmandu to Kande Rental Vehicle

Kathmandu -> Thankot -> Kurintar -> Pokhara -> Kande

The journey to Kande starts from Kathmandu (your pickup point) and move on through Thankot and Kurintar road-ways. You will drive towards Prithivi Highway to Srangkot Road in Pokhara. From Pokhara, you will drive towards Baglung Highway from Sarangkot Road and reach the destination that is Kande. A very beautiful view of the surrounding will catch the eyes throughout the journey. You will have a relaxing and comfortable drive from Kathmandu to Kande in this private vehicle. Likewise, the route for Kande to Kathmandu is also the same but in the opposite direction. While you are riding on the way, the vehicle will stop for 3 to 4 times, but you can freely ask the driver to stop if you feel the need for it. If it takes a longer time or you want to explore the area and stay for the night, extra night charge of vehicle and driver will be charged. Also, the food and accommodation cost will be on your own.

The driver of Kathmandu to Kande Rental Vehicle

The drivers provided to you by our company have years of experience in this field of road trips and pick-up and drop-off service. They are proficient and qualified with good English speaking skills. As our main aim is your safety, we only provide drivers who are liable to tackle every situation throughout the journey and drop you safely at the destination. S/he will stop at some places for meals and short breaks. They will recommend the best place for a hygienic meal on the route. They know all the places and spots that are observed in the route. You can ask them and know everything that you want to know as well.

Kathmandu to Kande Rental Vehicle Details

Trip Destination: Nepal

Trip Duration: One day

Trip distance: Approximately 228km (Kathmandu to Kande)

Trip Duration: 5 to 6 hours

Vehicle included: Car, Jeep, Van, Hi-Ace, Minibus, etc

Trip Grade: Easy

What can be expected from Kathmandu to Kande Rental Services?

We all expect many things while dealing with the new company and many questions arise in our mind related to it. So to answer your queries and make your decision of booking vehicle with NRC, mentioned things can be expected:

  • A proficient and qualified driver will pick you up from your desired location and drop off at your destination
  • You will get a lavish and soothing ride at an affordable and reasonable price
  • A vehicle with enough space and comfortable sets with other standard facilities to make your road trip relaxing and smooth
  • You will get stoppage liberty at your desired location for a meal, short break or to enjoy the surrounding
  • You won’t have to worry about refueling the vehicle and cleaning the vehicle after usage

How can I rent a vehicle for Kathmandu to Kande?

There is an easy and convenient online booking system. You can also book a vehicle through phone calls to the authorized person. You just have to give details of yourself and the group to confirm the reservation for the vehicle according to your group size. Then, the rest of the work will be done by the NRC team. Booking should be done at least 3 days before the trip and have to pay in advance (minimum 50%) to confirm your booking.

How long does it take to complete the trip from Kathmandu to Kande?

A private vehicle is always faster than local/public vehicles. The driving distance is about 228 kilometers and will take around 5 to 6 hours to complete the distance from Kathmandu to Kande. During the ride, you are free to stop at any location so the time duration of reaching the destination depends upon you. Except that, sometimes due to geographical conditions (like a landslide, tree fall, heavy rainfall, etc) and traffic jams, the vehicle can get stuck in the mid-way.

Cost Includes:

  • Luxurious and maintained vehicles (car jeep, van, mini-van, Hi-Ace, etc)
  • Experienced and proficient driver
  • Vehicle fuel charges
  • Vehicle cleaning charges

Cost Excludes:

  • Snacks and mineral water on the vehicle
  • Meal at any hotels/restaurants in the route
  • Any deviation to the trip than previously mentioned (at the time of booking)
  • Expenses for any kind of hold on the vehicle (suppose, you have booked the vehicle for Kande to Kathmandu travel, but you do not arrive at the mentioned day and vehicle has to hold for the next day, then the extra night cost can be charged)
  • Any kind of expenses occurred en-route

Useful Information

  • The vehicle should be rented 3 days before (or more) the trip day
  • Backpack according to your needs and place's weather condition. Avoid heavy and unwanted packing
  • Always follow traffic rule and don’t distract the driver while driving
  • Rather than depending upon ATM booth and money exchanger carry some hand cash
  • Choose vehicle as per your need and group size so that you can enjoy your trip peacefully and comfortably
  • Sometimes due to some geographical condition (landslide, heavy rainfall, etc) or traffic jam, the vehicle may stop at mid-way; so, be prepared for that
  • Keep your money bag safe

5 Reviews for Kathmandu to Kande Rental Vehicle Service

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  • noimage
    By , Egypt

    Hiring Kathmandu to Kande Vehicle with NRC Team

    Hiring a vehicle from Nepal Rental car was the best decision and was quite beneficial for us. We got plenty of time to explore and the whole ride to our destination was relaxing and comfortable. The driver was experienced and skilled. He knew almost everything about the trip and the places that cross in the route. The whole trip ended without knowing, I mean, we just kept on enjoying the ride and it finished. We fully enjoyed our trip to Kande. Nepal Rental Car is doing a great job. I would like to recommend others to contact NRC to rent a vehicle for Kande Kathmandu Trip and also other road trips in Nepal. They will give you the best facilities at a reasonable price. Their hospitality is remarkable. We will surely contact you for our upcoming trip to Nepal. You guys are great!

  • noimage
    By , Chile

    Impressive Drive from Kathmandu to Kande with NRC Team

    I and my friend decided to short trek to Dhampus as we didn’t have enough time and we heard that traveling in public vehicles is quite tiring and exhausting. So, we contacted a renowned vehicle renting company, Nepal Rental Car, and chose the vehicle for our trip. After choosing and booking the vehicle, we went to our hotel. On the trip day, the driver came to pick us at the right time at the hotel at the exact time. We were impressed by the punctuality. The vehicle was also clean and furnished. During the whole ride, we interacted with each other and got to know about many places. The ride was smooth, relaxing, and entertaining and we benefited from it to the fullest. I am truly satisfied with the services and want to thank NRC for their cooperation and everything they did for us.

  • noimage
    By , Afghanistan

    Kathmandu to Kande Drive with Comfy Vehicle

    Kande is a beautiful roadside settlement where you will get the chance to explore local residents, Mountain views, green forests, etc. We had driven for the trip to Kande from where we hiked uphill. The trip to Kande with the comfy and maintained car was beautiful and memorable. We had contacted Nepal Rental Car for our trip. They arranged everything required for road trips with a friendly and experienced driver and maintained vehicle. We were full-on energy while we arrived at the destination. We didn’t have to worry about anything at all. The price for the vehicle was also reasonable and spending money on it was worthy enough, all because of the awesome services. I would like to recommend others to contact the NRC team with no doubt as their services and generosity are on top-notch. Great team ever seen!

  • noimage
    By , Argentina

    Great Arrangement and Cooperation by NRC Team

    The trip to Kathmandu from Kande was amazing. We enjoyed this road trip a lot. We had hired a car from Nepal Rental Car. They came to pick us up exactly at the point where we had finished our journey downhill. Everything was perfect and looking at the car, no one would say that it was owned by a company. It looked completely new and private. The driver was amazingly cheerful who lightened our day after such exhaustion. We communicated with each other and he told us about some rivers, hills as well. The places were beautiful. The whole road trip was marvelous and was worthy of applause too. Thank you so much Nepal rental car for such great arrangements and cooperation.

  • noimage
    By , Bangladesh

    Satisfying Services by NRC team for Kathmandu Kande Drive

    I hadn’t heard of this place so while my friends were discussing the trip to Annapurna from Kande, I decided to join them. So, after contacting Nepal Rental Car we booked the van with them that was perfectly fit for our group. On the day of our trip, the driver came to pick us from our hotel. He was very polite and punctual too. The way he drove the car and his concentration on the safety while driving, was joyous and satisfying. Really satisfied with your services, NRC team! We will surely recommend the NRC team to others for a comfortable and smooth ride to Kande. Much obliged to the NRC team for everything!

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