• Simple booking and cancellation facilities according to company policies
  • A secured online booking system
  • No credit card charges
  • Well-maintained and clean vehicle to aid your trip with comfort
  • A luxurious ride in suitable and affordable price
  • A professional and skilled driver with fluent English speaking skills
  • Best pick up and drop off facilities from and to any point between Kathmandu and Dharan
  • Can roam around many places, temples, zoo, etc


Nepal Rental Car provides rental car services from Kathmandu to Dharan to make your trip comfortable and relaxing. The trip from Kathmandu to Dharan by rental car provides you the beautiful artistic and natural view of nature. The driving distance from Kathmandu to Dharan is about 402.6 km which might take about 8 to 9 hours' drive to reach our destination. During the drive towards the destination, one will stop for meals and short breaks except that if you want to stop in the midway to enjoy the surrounding then you just have to ask the driver. You should also remember the time while stopping in the midway as taking breaks for a longer period might cause a delay in reaching the destination.

Kathmandu and Dharan are two different cities which are equally popular among the tourist. These places are rich in architecture, natural, and artistic beauties. Dharan is the major and popular city in eastern Nepal which is located in the Sunsari district. It is the gateway to eastern hilly district and a famous tourist center in the eastern part of Nepal. This place is the meeting point of the mountain region and the Terai plain. The geographical location, a religious shrine, tourist-attracting places along with religious and historical value places make Dharan more attractive to the entire national and international tourists. As Dharan has many tourist attractions elements, such as sightseeing, zip line, etc, the tourist rate is also higher. Hence, traveling in public vehicles can be tiring and struggling. So it is better to hire a private vehicle and do the trip with ease and more peacefully.

Kathmandu to Dharan trip is easy, comfortable, and cheap with the help of Nepal Rental Car. We provide various brands of the vehicle according to the demand of the customers. We also offer additional facilities which will help to make your trip more smooth and memorable. Some of the facilities include skilled drivers with fluent English, reliable seat belts and handle for safety, big and bending seats, air conditioner, air fresheners, sound system for entertainment, and many more. The vehicles provided by our company for renting are clean and well-maintained. Not only a clean car but also maintain hygiene inside the car as well. We change the seat covers after the use and clean the total surface of the car after the usage. The vehicles work properly and look like brand new. Therefore, it is better to hire a private vehicle at a suitable price and get all these facilities in a bonus.

Kathmandu to Dharan Rental Car Trip Details

Destination: Dharan, Eastern Nepal

Starting and Ending Point: Kathmandu

Driving Distance: 402.6 kilometers

Driving Hours: 8 to 9 hours

Additional Facilities: Big and bending seats, sound system, headrest, napkin box, air freshener, air conditioner and many more

Vehicles Available: Car, jeep, van, hi-Ace, bus and many more

Driver: Proficient, qualified, has years of experience, fluent English, punctual

Major Attraction: green hills, beautiful nature, temples, tourist-attracting places, etc

Dharan to Kathmandu by Rental Car Services

Nepal Rental Car provides both rental services from Kathmandu to Dharan and Dharan to Kathmandu. The driving distance is about 402.6 kilometers which will take about 8 to 9 hours drive during which you will get a chance to enjoy the green hills and forest, settlements, natural beauty from the window of the vehicle. These services will provide you the best trip and comfort during the whole ride. The visitors travel between these places for adventure visit. With NRC, vehicle renting becomes easier, faster, and convenient in a suitable and affordable price range. Also, when you are booking the vehicle for travel from Dharan to Kathmandu, make sure the reservation is done around 6 to 8 hours earlier from the pick-up time.

Kathmandu to Dharan Rental Car Purpose

The main purpose of Nepal Rental Car by this Kathmandu to Dharan Rental Car services is to provide luxurious and best travel means for the customers. Private vehicles provide privacy and also while traveling in a rental car as there is a freedom of travel decision. It helps you to spend your quality time with your desired person more comfortably and reliably. With NRC for Kathmandu Dharan Rental Car Service, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and refilling of the fuel as well as our company maintains the hygiene inside the car so it is safe to use too. The benefit of hiring the vehicle is that it saves the traveling time and extra expenses. You can also stop at the desired location and click photos and enjoy the surrounding.

Kathmandu to Dharan Rental Car Driver

The drivers provided by Nepal Rental cars are all experienced and professional. We don’t neglect the safety of the customers so all the drivers are qualified and experienced. They have years of experience in this field and factors related to road trip so if any problem arises then they will tackle them without any hesitation. They have fluent English so there won’t be any problem in communicating. You will get a lot of details of the spots in the route of travel between Kathmandu and Dharan. They will also recommend some fine places for meals and short breaks. You can also stop the vehicle and enjoy the surrounding at your preferred location.

Things that Can Be Done In Kathmandu Dharan Trip

  • Can do rafting in Koshi Rivers
  • Can also do boating or boat race in Chatara to Koshi Barrage
  • Can perform paragliding from Bhedetar
  • Can visit the mini zoo and Panchakanya Park
  • Can experience cable car/ropeway from Dharan-Bishnupaduka-Baraha Kshetra
  • Can visit religious temples like Budha Subbha temple, Pindeshwor temple, Panchakanya temple and many more

What to expect from Kathmandu Dharan Car Rental Service?

While dealing with a new company for booking the vehicles, many queries arise in the mind considering what to expect and what not to while making the booking. Some of the things that can be expected from Kathmandu Dharan Car Rental Service are mentioned as follows:

  •  A comfortable and spacious vehicle to make your trip relaxing and stress-free
  •  A lavish vehicle in reasonable price
  • Get pick up and drop off facilities, anywhere you want inside Kathmandu and Dharan
  • Stoppage liberty at your demanded location
  • Get a fully fueled vehicle and don’t have to worry about refilling it
  • An experienced and a professional driver with smooth English
  • No communication problem

Feel comfortable to make a booking of Kathmandu Dharan Road Trip with Nepal Trek Adventures with the best facilities at a lower and reasonable cost.

Cost Includes:

  • Comfortable and luxurious ride with well-maintained and furnished vehicles
  • Well-experienced, professional and licensed drivers with good English fluency
  • Snack and mineral water bottle inside the vehicle
  • Vehicle refueling charges
  • Vehicle cleaning and maintenance charges

Cost Excludes:

  • Meals and accommodation during the trip (but can be arranged if requested)
  • Any deviation to the trip as mentioned primarily while booking
  • Any cost that occurs in the route while traveling between Kathmandu and Dharan

Useful Information

  • Book vehicle 3 days (or more) prior to the day of the trip
  • Pack bag light and according to need and weather condition
  • No age limitation so anyone can perform the trip from a small child to old age people
  • Check the weather before starting the journey
  • Prefer mineral water and have meals from recommended places only
  • Carry some hand cash; it might get useful in some places
  • Choose a vehicle accordingly
  • Sometimes due to some reasons we have to stop at the midway in that time, have the patience or you can enjoy the surrounding also

3 Reviews for Kathmandu to Dharan by Rental Car Service

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  • noimage
    By , Antarctica

    Amazing and Memorable Adventure Trip to Dharan

    We decide to do a group trip to Dharan and enjoy the zip line there. For a large number of people, it was quite impossible to travel on the public vehicle. So, we decided to hire a vehicle for our trip which was our best decision. The ride was calming and contented. The driver was experienced and professional and very accountable. They arranged everything for our trip which was very gratifying. The vehicle was very clean and well maintained also. Not only the vehicle, but we also enjoyed the place and adventure, and also the whole en-route attractions. Thank you, Nepal Rental Car for all of this and for making our trip amazing and memorable. We will surely suggest others for hiring the vehicle for their trip and will surely contact you on an upcoming trip. God bless you!

  • noimage
    By , Georgia

    Best Vehicle Service by Nepal Rental Car for Trip to Dharan

    Nepal Rental Car provided the best vehicle for our trip to Dharan, which was very rewarding. The vehicle provided by this company was clean and well-maintained and the vehicle was brand new. We were shocked on seeing the vehicle when they arrived to pick us up from our hotel. The ride to Dharan by a private vehicle was tranquil and calm. The driver was very polite and professional. He was very conscious while driving. The whole drive was soothing and unforgettable. We enjoyed it a lot. Thank you, NRC for everything and will surely recommend others to contact them to hire the vehicle for this trip to Nepal.

  • noimage
    By , Austria

    Perfect Services and Cooperation for Kathmandu Dharan Travel

    The trip to Dharan was exceptional because of the private vehicle we hired for the trip. We hired a private vehicle for our small group from Nepal Rental Car. The vehicle provided by the company was clean and well-maintained. The company kept the vehicle hygienic and we got various additional facilities which were very comforting. Everything was perfect and arranged properly. The whole ride to our destination was relaxing and comforting. We reached on time and we had enough time to roam around the places. The driver was very friendly and cooperative. He even provided enough information about the trip. We were satisfied with the services provided by the NRC. Thank you for the services and cooperation.

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