Day Tours in Nepal

A journey or excursion which completed in one day is called One Day Tour. One Day Tour also means that you book a trip just for one day around famous places in the city where you are staying.  In one day tour, you can enjoy the nearby places sure to be a pleasant one and enjoyable.  Travel is a way of learning and feeling nature. It’s a process of enlightening yourself with the practices around the world as well as your chosen place. Just touring helps you in widening your scope of knowledge and understanding about that places. If you think that you have to tour does not matter one day tour or many days, pleasure is touring in a day tour. One day tour helps to relish the beauty of nature and get some insights on culture and lifestyle of people living around there. As you walk along the lush landscape, you will be blessed with the awesomeness of nature and beautiful peoples.

With the help of our private car which you have rented for traveling helps you in exploring nature and beautiful peoples at a once. If you are trying to explore and want to know about that city in one day then you have to be ready in the early morning and travel in your rented car. Tour every place which you have listed to travel in a day, you have to manage your time for that. If you are in Kathmandu city and want to know about it in one day then you have to tour from famous places like Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Narayanhiti Palace, Budhanilkantha, Boudhanath, Garden of Dreams etc. From morning to evening your schedule will be clear to be follow up and have achievement in touring the famous places in one day.

Don't miss the sunshine over Swayambhunath Temple, the scenario will be awesome and perfect for you, this made your day full of joy and happiness. In one day you can visit up to 5 or 6 famous places around Kathmandu city with the help of your rented private car. If you are with your family then the trip will be more fun and enjoyable for you, your one day tour around famous places in Kathmandu feels you like you are roaming with some materialistic things with beautiful nature around.