Things To Do in Chitwan

Chitwan is one of the 77 districts of Nepal located in the southwestern part of province No. 3 with Bharatpur. It is the fourth largest city of Nepal covering the total area of 2,238.39 km2. It is one of the best places to visit in Nepal as there are lots more things to do in Chitwan. The activities done here includes roaming around the national park, resorts, safaris, visiting museums, boating, walking through Tharu village and elephant breeding center, and many more. The total distance of the place from the capital city, Kathmandu is around 175 km; i.e. Chitwan is 175 km farther from Kathmandu. Near it lies Bharatpur at about 25 km distance which is the commercial and service center of south Nepal, and the major destination for education, healthcare, and transportation.

When we hear the name Chitwan, the picture of rhinos and elephants start rotating inside our head. And it’s obvious too as it is the major shelter for those rare and unique creatures.  Apart from observing wilderness, other major attractions in Chitwan are Bish Hajar Tal Trip, Canoeing in Narayani River, Elephant Games and shows, Lamo Falls, glimpse of elephant and rhino statues, Sauraha Art Gallery, Camel Safari, cycling, bird watching and photo sessions, Ox Cart Ride, Trek up to Chitwan Chapang Hill, Upardghari Fort, cultural experience with Tharu people, Chitwan Mahotsav, and tasting famous Nepali dinner. Elephant, horse and camel ride are also the things that Chitwan is famous for.

Chitwan National Park itself carries lots of variations. About 70% of the land is covered with Sal tree and many others of different groups. The wide range of landscape includes more than 700 species of wildlife, moths, butterflies, and insect’s species, 19 species of snakes, tortoise and monitor lizards, 113 recorded species of gharials, and many more. These are the major kinds found in the national park as well as in river (Narayani River). Watching these species is one of the major things to do in Chitwan as well.

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Major Things to do in Chitwan

Chitwan is famous for the Chitwan National Park, beside this there are many more other adventures things to do in Chitwan. Some of the must do things in Chitwan are listed below:

Bird Watching in Chitwan National Park

Chitwan is home for many birds residing here and other migrated birds from many countries. The bird watching in a relaxing and peaceful experience. About 600 different species of birds have been noticed in this area among which some of them are found only in Nepal.

Jeep Safari in Chitwan National Park

The jeep safari inside the national park provides the views of different rare animals and plants. Though the jeep cannot go very close to animals, it gives the distant views of rare animals mainly the one-horned rhino specially preserved in this area. Inside the jungle with green plants all over we try to search for different rare animals and plants. This would surely be exciting and provide a lot of fun on your trip.

Elephant Safari in Chitwan

Elephant safari takes deep inside the jungle and can let you get the closest views of rare animals as it can go to the jungle without letting other animals know that there are people over its back. With this, you can also have the elephant bath if you wish. The elephant ride inside the jungle can provide much more fun and give a higher chance of viewing rare animals.

Horse Ride or Camel Ride in Chitwan

 Due to the warm environment of Chitwan, the camel ride is also possible during summers. You will have to pay a certain amount to experience the horse ride or the camel ride in Chitwan but it would definitely improve your tour towards Chitwan.

Canoeing Over Rapti River

Canoeing over the Rapti river in a peaceful environment viewing beautiful rare species of birds besides the Chitwan national park with a life jacket and an informative guide and your group gives a wonderful experience with nature. This can be done easily in Chitwan and you surely would enjoy the best of it.