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    By Delpha Remington, Canada

    Best Kathmandu Pokhara Drive with Car Rent

    This was my second tour to Pokhara after I did Poon Hill Trekking. Our previous road drive was quite tiring as we had taken the local bus for reaching Pokhara from Kathmandu. The local buses to Pokhara were also a bit crowded that day. When we reached our destination we tired. So we couldn’t enjoy the ride properly. So, I decided to hire a car for the tour this time. We contacted Nepal Rental Car and booked a car with them. I like the services provided by them. The car was so clean and cozy that the whole journey became relaxing. The driver provided to us was also friendly, helpful and most importantly well-experienced.  We even got the chance to take a break, stop in someplace to view the beauty of nature. This facility was not possible with our previous ride. Thank you so much NRC team for providing sun an astounding facility and making our journey worthy and more effective. I couldn't thank you more with words! Thumbs up !

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    By Carol Lerhilder, United States

    Easy Private Trip to Pokhara with Rental Car

    I and my friends decided to do a short tour from Kathmandu to Pokhara and explore Pokhara City, but we didn’t want to travel in the local vehicles as we had heard that it become so exhausting while traveling with public vehicles. So, we decided to hire a vehicle for all three of us. We were few in numbers so we decided to rent a car from Nepal Rental Car. When they came to pick us from our pick point, we were shocked to see the car. The car was so maintained and clean that we thought we got a new car. There was enough space for us and the luggage.  The driver was friendly and experienced too. The tour to Pokhara went smoothly and comfortably all the way long. We even stop in some places to have meals, and for small breaks to enjoy the views. The whole tour was amazing and all the credit goes to Nepal Rental Car.  Hiring a car with them for the tour was our best decision because of which we got the chance to ride the car as per our wish and the whole tour remained so much memorable. Nepal Rental Car provides you the best cars with a variety of options to choose from in comparison to other renting companies. Highly suggested company!

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    By Jenny Shah, India

    Luxurious Land Tour from Kathmandu to Pokhara

    Travelling is always fun but when you have your own car the level of fun also increases. Recently I did a land tour from Kathmandu to Pokhara by car. The whole tour was relaxing and comfortable because I didn’t have to struggle like in local vehicles. I had experienced a crowd and more trouble in the local vehicle previously though. For this trip, I rented that car from Nepal Rental Car. The cars provided by them were well maintained, clean, spacious and comfortable. The driver was experienced and polite. The way he spoke to us was so comforting that we didn’t have any problem with communicating. He even gave us knowledge about different en-route places. Overall, the whole tour was awesome because of the Nepal Rental Car. I highly recommend others to contact Nepal Rental Car for hiring the car or any luxury vehicles like jeep, van, minibus, and even a tourist bus, for your tour. You will also get the chance to choose your own vehicle as per your group size and comfort. Highly recommended!

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    By Florine Goodell, Canada

    Comfortable and Relaxing drive to Chitwan from Kathmandu

    We contacted the rental company, Nepal Rental Car to rent a car for our family trip. We were only 3 in number and my son doesn’t like to travel on local buses so we decided to hire a private car for our trip to Chitwan. So I booked a car 3 days before the trip. We weren’t sure about the car condition. The driver came to receive us at the given pickup point. Seeing the car, we were shocked because of its maintenance and overall presence. It was like a brand new car bought and brought directly for us. The driver was polite and friendly. The car was comfortable and relaxing. There was enough space for three of us so it made our journey more enjoyable. We were so satisfied with the services provided by the Nepal Rental car Team. Nepal Rental Car is the best car hiring company with the best cars and reasonable prices. I highly recommend others to contact them if you are going for the trip to Chitwan from Kathmandu. Thumbs up!

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    By Mena Fowler, United States

    Kathmandu to Chitwan by Rental Car Service

    I and my friend decided to go on a tour to Chitwan, in order to explore the National Park and the overall points all-around. For that, we hired a car from Nepal Rental Car (NRC). NRC was recommended by our friend, Ujjain, as according to him, it was the best car hire company in Nepal. He told a lot about this company. So we contacted them and hired a car for our Kathmandu Chitwan Road journey. The day when we were traveling, the driver came to pick us and we were amazed looking at the car. It was in a well-maintained condition will all facilities that a luxury car would ever have. Looking at the car made our day. The whole drive to Chitwan was contented and soothing that we enjoyed all the moments at top-notch. We even stopped at some places to have meals and to enjoy the scenic view of nature. We captured hundreds of pictures on the way. I truly appreciate the service provided by the Nepal Rental Car for their customer. Everything was perfect along with the most-amazing driver we had ever seen. Much obliged to you, NRC and team! I will be back to you all soon!

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    By Jhonny Sharma, India

    Last Minute Car Rental Service by NRC

    We were stuck behind due to our official work and our family members were already in Chitwan. It was impossible to travel on local buses due to the limited time we had. So, I and my brother decided to hire a car for Chitwan but it was hard to get a car at the last moment. Still, we decided to give a try. We contacted Nepal Rental Car, a car hiring company in Nepal, and discussed with them about our situation. We were amazed by their work even at the last moment. We didn’t get the chance to choose the car because most of the cars were booked. But the car provided to us was in good condition and comfortable. Going on, we finally reached our destination, Chitwan National Park, where my parents and relatives were waiting. Thank you Nepal Rental Car for your wonderful service and hospitality. I highly recommend Car Rental Service from Nepal Rental Car to Chitwan and any other places in Nepal coz they are the best in this field.