Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are the rules that one must agree to uphold in order to use services and facilities. Every company, institution, and overall fields have their own rules and regulations to which everyone should stand out. Being a company of renting car and jeeps (along with other on-road and off-road vehicles), we obviously have certain terms and conditions to maintain uniformity in our services as well as in whole company. It helps a lot in understanding the company and their protocols as well.

Here are provided some of the terms and conditions with which our company sprints.

Terms and conditions of the company Policy

Everything costs in this world except the words that we have spoken and written. So, here are some of the terms and conditions of our company to make all our clients known about the company’s policy and commitment without charging any money.

You will be provided a driver with you, so you can use the vehicle as per the mentioned or intended purpose of the vehicle.

The vehicle may not be used for the activities like racing, driving lessons, sports training, or for any paid services.

We do not have any provision for renting vehicle independently (without any driver). No self-driving is possible in Nepal.

You should not force the driver to break the speed limits or violate traffic rules as you will be responsible to pay all the fines that will be charged.

The vehicle will be provided to you with necessary documents/papers, along with the driver in good condition.

If the vehicle is not working properly, then you will be provided with next vehicle as soon as possible.

Day return vehicle should be returned back to its station on time otherwise extra charge will be added to the current price list.

Terms and conditions of Rental Vehicle’s Price Policy

Nepal Rental Car hires the vehicles in most reasonable and comparatively cheap price. So, here are some of the terms and conditions for doing the payments.

Night charge for Arrival/Departure and Disposal will be 50% extra after 8:00 pm

If the disposal vehicle is used, the half day will be charged (disposal will be within Ring Road)

If A/C is used in the car, 20% extra will be charged.

If A/C is used in HiAce/Jeep, 10% extra will be charged.

If A/C is used in Van, 15% extra will be charged.

Car = 1 rate of car, van= 1.75 rate of car, Haice/jeep = 2 rate of car, coaster = 3 rate of car, Sutlej Bus = 3.5 rate of car.

Terms and conditions for booking and cancellation

You can book/reserve the vehicle filling the form provided on our reservation page; after which confirmation is also necessary.

You can select the vehicle type that you want to rent from our vehicles section.

You can choose time, date and place as per your requirement.

To confirm your trip, you need to pay an advance of 50% of total rental charge.

You need to book the vehicle at least a week before, for the on-seasons like September, October, November, March, April, and May; so that you can be confirmed about your trip. You can also book the vehicle on the day of your trip, but the vehicle that you have demanded may not be available.

If the Booked trip is canceled, 25% will be charged as a cancellation charge.

You are highly recommended to read all the terms and conditions before going for the booking so that you will be clear about all the criteria.

Nepal Rental Car provides you the service of car or jeep hire to visit different places in cheap and reasonable cost. If you have any confusion about the services and facilities provided, or about above-mentioned terms and conditions, you can call us, email us, or simply click on the ‘Request a call’ button.