Why Nepal Rental Car

Hiring a car is the best and effective solution to explore the surrounding without any difficulty. Renting a car will help you move to the places wherever you want on your own time. Nepal Rental Car is a company which provides you the service of hiring/renting car in the cheapest and most reasonable price. NRC also take care of your comfort along with your privacy by providing facilities as your wish. You will not regrate about the amount that you have paid for after receiving our provided services. Reasons to choose Nepal Rental Car:

  • Time flexibility: 
    You can move-on and move-off taking your own time. We believe in punctuality, so the vehicles that you have demanded will arrive at your place with no time delay. And you are also recommended to be ready at the time with all the stuff needed, so that time of our motorists will also not be killed. But for long routes, time management is very necessary so you will be provided the list of appropriate times for your journey.
  • Reasonable price: 
    Money is the most important factor that comes in every area. So, for your service, we have provided very reasonable and comparatively cheapest price for all. All the costs of vehicles are maintained according to their features, driving routes, and internal/external facilities. So, for getting information about prices of different vehicles according to routes (both long-term and short-term), you can check in our tariff section or you can simply contact us at +9779808855955.
  • Friendly team: 
    Teamwork is what we believe in. Working in a team, with a team makes all the impossible tasks possible. We have managed such a team that has members with mutual understanding, helpfulness among one another. All the passionate and sophisticated team members create a great environment for you to trust us and move onward on a journey with us and friendly behavior helps you to communicate.
  • Quick response: 
    It is quite obvious to have the dilemma about the new places, things, and information. So, to clear your dilemma, you can contact us at +9779808855955 or send us quick inquiry or simply send us a request to call. All your queries will be answered with minutes of time, as our team members always remain active for this section. We value your valuable time, so there will not be any delay with the services provided by us.
  • Speed limit:  
    As the elderly say, reaching late is better than never reaching, we provide well-experienced and trained motorists who will take you to your destination at the time, without exceeding any speed limits. Your safety is our major priority and it’s our responsibility to take you to your place safely.