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    By David Moore, United Kingdom

    Everest base camp helicopter tour

    Everest base camp helicopter tour gave us the lifetime experience to view the world height mountain Mount Everest. Recently I did this tour with my friends which was a memorable day of my life. The tour was short but the memories that we collected from this Everest Base camp helicopter tour was life long. The representative guided us through the beautiful mountains and answered all the queries as well. We recommend you to choose this company “Nepal rental car” as they operate this tour professionally.

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    By Gregeno Weville, Spain

    Last Minute Car Booking Facility to Nagarkot

    We were in Nepal because of some business meetings and after completing that we had a 1-day spare with us. We did not want to hike our excurse around the city, rather wanted to have some luxurious trip to Hills but without hiking. I asked the hotel manager for some company's suggestion and he suggested to us about rental car service in Nepal by NRC. We decided to contact them and with some conversation, we decided to drive to Nagarkot, have a sunrise view and return back to Kathmandu Hotel. The next day, we drove to Nagarkot and reached there at around 5:00 AM. We enjoyed the sunrise view and the overall environment with top-class facilities. Then, we had much more time for the day, so we decided to roam Bhaktapur and discussed it with the driver. He contacted the company and fixed the trip. It was so quick arrangement. Truly appreciable! We completed the excursion of the day and returned to our hotel. It was the best day in Nepal so far. Thank you so much Nepal rental Car for this amazing Kathmandu Nagarkot Transfer Service. It just made our day! God Bless You!

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    By Constantine Tupker, Tunisia

    Ilam 5 Days Tour with the Satisfying Rental Car Ride

    The tour to Ilam for 5 Days was amazing and the entire credit goes to Nepal Rental Car for providing a standard vehicle for our trip. We contacted NRC and booked the vehicle with them. On the day of the trip, the driver came to pick up us from our location. We were amazed and excited after seeing the vehicle. It was fresh, spotless and well furnished like brand new. The driver that was assigned to us was very polite and friendly. He gave a lot of details about the trip which was beneficial for us. The whole trip inside the private vehicle was soothing and comfortable. We were satisfied with the services provided by NRC and the cost was also reasonable and worthy for a vehicle. I will surely contact you for our future trip to Nepal.

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    By Orramas Fevre, Australia

    Comfortable 5 Days' Paradise Tour to Ilam

    Travelling is always fun and the level of fun doubles when we have our own vehicle. Having your own vehicle will save both time and effort. We decided to do an Ilam tour in a private vehicle. So, we contacted Nepal Rental Car, a renowned vehicle renting company to hire a vehicle and booked a vehicle for our trip with them. This was the best decision as we completed the trip comfortably and enjoyed every moment fully. The driver was proficient and skilled as he was very conscious about our safety and did everything that made us happy and our trip more than imagined. We were satisfied with the whole team and all the services that they provided to us. We will surely recommend others to contact NRC for their trip in Nepal, especially this 5 Days' Paradise Tour to Ilam. Much obliged to you for this amazing trip to natural Nepal.

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    By Delpha Remington, Canada

    Best Kathmandu Pokhara Drive with Car Rent

    This was my second tour to Pokhara after I did Poon Hill Trekking. Our previous road drive was quite tiring as we had taken the local bus for reaching Pokhara from Kathmandu. The local buses to Pokhara were also a bit crowded that day. When we reached our destination we tired. So we couldn’t enjoy the ride properly. So, I decided to hire a car for the tour this time. We contacted Nepal Rental Car and booked a car with them. I like the services provided by them. The car was so clean and cozy that the whole journey became relaxing. The driver provided to us was also friendly, helpful and most importantly well-experienced.  We even got the chance to take a break, stop in someplace to view the beauty of nature. This facility was not possible with our previous ride. Thank you so much NRC team for providing sun an astounding facility and making our journey worthy and more effective. I couldn't thank you more with words! Thumbs up !

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    By Carol Lerhilder, United States

    Easy Private Trip to Pokhara with Rental Car

    I and my friends decided to do a short tour from Kathmandu to Pokhara and explore Pokhara City, but we didn’t want to travel in the local vehicles as we had heard that it become so exhausting while traveling with public vehicles. So, we decided to hire a vehicle for all three of us. We were few in numbers so we decided to rent a car from Nepal Rental Car. When they came to pick us from our pick point, we were shocked to see the car. The car was so maintained and clean that we thought we got a new car. There was enough space for us and the luggage.  The driver was friendly and experienced too. The tour to Pokhara went smoothly and comfortably all the way long. We even stop in some places to have meals, and for small breaks to enjoy the views. The whole tour was amazing and all the credit goes to Nepal Rental Car.  Hiring a car with them for the tour was our best decision because of which we got the chance to ride the car as per our wish and the whole tour remained so much memorable. Nepal Rental Car provides you the best cars with a variety of options to choose from in comparison to other renting companies. Highly suggested company!

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    By Mell Hoopper, United States

    Refreshing, comfortable and relaxing 5 Days Trip to Ilam

    We went on a tour to Ilam. We had heard a lot about this place by our friend but they also suggested us to hire a vehicle for our trip because they have to struggle a lot in the public vehicle which was time-consuming. So, we decided to hire a vehicle from Nepal Rental Car. We had heard a lot about this vehicle renting company. After contacting them, we booked a vehicle for our trip and the driver came to pick us in our location. We were shocked by the vehicle as they looked brand new, clean and well-maintained. The trip to Ilam was refreshing, comfortable and relaxing. The driver was experienced and was very conscious while driving. I was truly satisfied with the services and surely recommend others to contact them. You will not get this kind of service from another company. Thank you, NRC for this memorable trip.

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    By Acey Layton, Germany

    Cherishing Trip from Kathmandu to Nagarkot with NRC

    The tour to Nagarkot was amazing with the help of Nepal Rental Car. We had hired a vehicle for this trip and taking that decision was one of the bests of my life. We reached there on time and were able to see the sunrise view. It was marvelous. The vehicles we drove-on were clean and well furnished. The driver was also friendly and was on time to pick us up at our hotel. We benefited a lot from our tour to Nagarkot. Those terraces and woodland scenery and the forest-side hotels and restaurants were much cherishing too. With the help of Nepal Rental Car, all these travelings in a private car became possible. I would like to thank the NRC team for their spellbinding services and hospitality. Much obliged to you all!