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    By Liddie Overton, Canada

    Comfortable Car Rental Service from Chitwan to Pokhara

    We rented a car from Nepal Rental Car for our trip from Chitwan to Pokhara. I was shocked to see the car when the driver came to pick us up at our National Park Resort. It was like a brand new, directly coming from the showroom. They were very punctual and the road was clear so we reached our destination faster than we thought. We even took a break in some places as per the driver's suggestion. He gave various details about places such as forest names, river names, food's name, and so on. The whole ride was great and peaceful that I enjoyed a lot. I will surely contact them for my next trip to Nepal as well. Kudos!

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    By Ara Stanter, Germany

    Happy Time Travel to Nagarkot with NRC

    Travelling was always fun for me and my best friend. We were always ready for exploring new places but the only problem was that we have to travel in a pubic vehicle which was so tiring and stressful. So this time we decided to hire a private vehicle. We were only two in number so we decided to hire a car. After surfing for hours on the internet, we decided to contact Nepal Rental Car. It was our first time so we were not sure about the company and their services but also decided to take this small risk. After contacting them and discussing the trip, we booked it and started our tour the next day. We were shocked and happy at the same time. The car was amazing, and the whole drive was relaxing. The driver was very polite, friendly and entertaining. The whole ride to Nagarkot and return back from Changu was full of entertaining. We were very satisfied with their services. We stayed in the hotel that they had booked, and it was really cool too. I just loved everything NRC did for us. Thank you for your services and thank you for making our tour so memorable! We will surely contact you for further trips to Nepal. See you soon!

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    By Urvashi Kapoor, India

    Reliable and Appreciable vehicle Renting Company

    This was our second trip to Ilam and tenth in Nepal. Before this trip, we had gone there in a public vehicle and it took really longer than estimated. It became tiring and hassled experience as well. This time we didn't want that, so we booked an SUV for our travel from Kathmandu to Ilam and return back. Of course, we chose Nepal rental Car, considering the suggestion of our friends. The vehicle was good and the driver was cool enough. We reach our destination on time and we were not even tired at all. We got to explore many beautiful places out there. Ilam was very beautiful and thank god, we booked a vehicle otherwise we wouldn’t be able to grab such a wonderful experience. Thank you, NRC for the vehicle and remarkable care throughout the journey. Thumbs up!

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    By Jhonny Sharma, India

    Last Minute Car Rental Service by NRC

    We were stuck behind due to our official work and our family members were already in Chitwan. It was impossible to travel on local buses due to the limited time we had. So, I and my brother decided to hire a car for Chitwan but it was hard to get a car at the last moment. Still, we decided to give a try. We contacted Nepal Rental Car, a car hiring company in Nepal, and discussed with them about our situation. We were amazed by their work even at the last moment. We didn’t get the chance to choose the car because most of the cars were booked. But the car provided to us was in good condition and comfortable. Going on, we finally reached our destination, Chitwan National Park, where my parents and relatives were waiting. Thank you Nepal Rental Car for your wonderful service and hospitality. I highly recommend Car Rental Service from Nepal Rental Car to Chitwan and any other places in Nepal coz they are the best in this field.

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    By Gina Crist, Denmark

    Nagarkot Tour in Maintained Vehicle

    After exploring most of the places of Nepal, I and my 2 other friends had only 5 days left to finish our vacation. We explored most of the places in local vehicles which was quite tiring. So we decided to hire a private vehicle to save our time and effort and of course energy too. After deciding our journey we search for a car hiring company. While surfing the internet, we found Nepal Rental Car and contacted them. After contacting them and discussing our trip to Nagarkot, they booked a vehicle for us. The next day when the driver came to pick us at our hotel we were shocked to see the vehicle. It was clean, well maintained and was like brand new. We went on our trip and trust me the whole ride was amazing and relaxing. The driver was friendly and entertaining. We stop in some places to have snacks and to enjoy the scene and took a lot of pictures too. The whole trip was awesome. The hotel booked was also good enough with a nice balcony view. We were full of energy after the drive and were able to enjoy the trip fully. We would like to thank NRC for their services and highly recommend others to book a vehicle from this company. They will provide the best services in comparison to others.

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    By Zilpha Goiot, Sri Lanka

    Family Trip to Chitwan with Rental Car Nepal

    It was our family trip from Pokhara to Chitwan. We were four numbered and thought that traveling in the local vehicle might be a bit tiring. So, we decided to hire a private car for our trip. The children were very happy listening to that. So after contacting Nepal Rental Car, we hired a car and started our trip. It was quite relaxing and comfortable. We even stop at some places to have meals and for some short breaks. The places recommended by the driver were good enough to watch out for moments and capture pictures. We were still full of energy when we reached the destination and the car was well maintained and clean, even after traveling through that long route. We were very satisfied with the services. Thank you Nepal Rental Car for everything. We truly enjoyed your ride. Thumbs up!

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    By Elfried Polin, United States

    Lumbini to Pokhara Rental Car Service

    The trip to Pokhara from Lumbini was like one of the perfect road travel that I used to have back in LA. I had booked the car from Nepal Rental Car after finishing my tour in Lumbini. I headed to the car and drove to Pokhara all the way along through pitched roadways, local settlements and lifestyle, green vegetation and so on. The car with which I was being driven was really comfortable. I slept for some hours that too on the car en-route. Thank you so much NRC for such an awesome rental car service from Lumbini to Pokhara at an actually reasonable price. Hiring a private car was stress-free and relaxing all because of NRC. Kudos!

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    By Adelie Bearss, Australia

    Beautiful Natural Ride to Daman by Luxurious Vehicle

    This was our 1st time hiring a private vehicle for our trip. We surf a lot on the net and after comparing many rental companies we found Nepal Rental car better than others. So we contact them and booked a vehicle for our trip to Daman. The driver came to pick us up on the trip day, the vehicle was brand new and clean. We were very satisfied with the vehicle. The driver was experienced and very responsible as he was alert for our safety while driving. He also provided all the information on the route about different places. It was a very beautiful ride; full of natural beauty and foremost – the luxury. We enjoyed it a lot. This trip was amazing and memorable and all the credit goes to NRC for the services and very satisfying vehicle along with the driver. We will surely contact you in the future trip.