Find the Best Vehicle Rental Deals

  • May 02 2020
  • by Manju Mahato

Many travelers use Nepal rental car for transportation for their trip. A rental vehicle gives you the freedom to tour around the country. It makes your trip easy and comfy and you won’t have to plan your activities and rely on the schedule of the public vehicle. Renting a vehicle is cheaper than you think.  In many cases, a weekly renting a vehicle can be a bit expensive for individuals than traveling in local buses but for few number people, it might be quite cheap to rent a vehicle than to pay individuals in public buses especially when the fuel is also included.

There are many companies providing vehicle renting facilities among them Nepal Rental car is also one of them. Nepal Rental Car has been providing these services since its establishment gaining a lot of positive feedback from all the customers who have coordinate with us for their trip. We provide you varieties of options in a vehicle while choosing the vehicle. You can choose the vehicle as per your demand and requirements. To make your booking easy and to help you grab the best deal while booking the vehicle, Nepal Rental car has provided some of the tips for booking a great deal.

Vehicle Rental in Nepal – Instructions for Booking Great Deals

There are many companies that provide different kinds of vehicles for renting and also guarantee you the best price possible. But also sometimes you have to pay a bit higher when you don’t have knowledge about renting and booking which can be a disadvantage for the renter and advantage for the company. So to provide you the knowledge here are some of the instructions which are provided by NRC for booking a great deal of rental vehicles in Nepal.

Comparing Vehicle Renting companies on the internet

While renting a vehicle always research online vehicle rental services, as there you will find many competitive prices from all the big providers as well as the local agencies which you can compare for the best deals. The cot price of the vehicle can vary widely depending on the company you opt for. You can be picked up by the car from the airport for the best convenience and also return drive prior to your flight to your home. It might be cheaper to pick up and return at the same location as some companies charge a high fee for returning at a different location.

Choosing a Vehicle which is Smaller to Save Money

As we all know that the price of the vehicle varies according to the vehicle you choose. The price of renting a small car is summer than a large and luxury model. In addition, you can save money for other purposes and also for fuel. The compact car is more fuel competent than a larger car. To save more money on fuel, you can also consider renting diesel cars. Choosing a small vehicle can be very beneficial in the context of our country as there are many busy roads and alleys so large vehicle is difficult to pass so having a smaller vehicle will help you to pass through these alleys easily. When it comes to parking, a small vehicle is easy to adjust in small places and limited space in the garage as well.

Other ways to save and get the best deals are:

Some of the other ways to save costing and get the best deals of rental vehicles in Nepal are as follows:

  • Picking up and returning your vehicle on a weekend day
  • The longer you rent the vehicle the more you will save the daily expenses in transportation
  • Dealing with the company who will provide fuel for your trip that can be beneficial as many companies don’t allow fuel facilities and you have to refill the fuel before returning it
  • Comparing the cost of renting in the town or at the airport as sometime you will find a huge difference
  • Booking vehicle a few days before the trip day also help you get the best deal

Things that Need To Be Consider for Vehicle Rental in Nepal

Consider the Size of the Vehicle you Need

The vehicle you need depends upon the number of vehicle traveling. If a couple is traveling then they can adjust in a compact car but if you are traveling with family then you might need to hire a car/vehicle suitable for your family such as jeep, micro-bus, Hi-Ace, etc. Likewise, if you are traveling with a big group, then you might have to book a large vehicle to accommodate comfortably. So choose the vehicle according to your group size and do not try to adjust in a smaller space while you are traveling a long way.

You need to choose between an automatic and manual transmission while renting a vehicle

The price rate of a manual vehicle is cheaper than the automatic vehicle. The manual vehicle is cheaper for renting so if you want to save money for your trip, then go for that one. If you can’t drive a manual and don’t like it, then you might need to hire an automatic vehicle/car.

Air conditioning facilities

The air conditioner facilities may cost extra money. It depends on you whether you want it or not. If you are traveling in summer then spending money on these facilities can be worthwhile. So while booking a vehicle you need to tell whether you want it or not.

Confirmation of booking

The company needs confirmation either you want to rent the vehicle or not. Some might well ask you to deposit 30% for conformation whereas some might also ask you to pay fully in advance. While booking makes sure to take the confirmation slip for safety purpose and also make sure to get a copy of the rental agreement.

Ask the company about their cancellation policy

Some company allows you to cancel without penalty as long as you cancel before the deadline but some companies have a certain amount of penalty if you don’t cancel before twenty-four hours before the trip in advance. This generally covers the price of one day renting. So ask about the time required for cancellation without penalty when you book a vehicle. It helps in saving money after all.

So above mentioned are some information provided by Nepal Rental Car to help you grab the best deals on hiring vehicles. You can hire a vehicle from our company at a best-guaranteed price with a luxurious ride to all the destinations in the country. As we have always got 100% success from our services and the positive response from the customers, we guarantee you that you won’t regret dealing with our company. We will make sure to make your trip worthy and memorable with the entire services and remarkable hospitality provided to you all.