Necessary Tips for Nepal Road Trip by Rental Car

  • May 06 2020
  • by Manju Mahato

Whether you commence your road trip in Nepal directly from the airport or any other places, we provide you the essential tips for an enjoyable road trip in Nepal. There are many ways to travel and explore places. Some people prefer doing their trip through the airway while some people prefer roadways. Many people tend to do the roadway as it helps to explore many places, natural beauties, and beautiful scenes of environment, adventure sites, and many more. Nepal Rental Car proffers various services to make your road trip more convenient and effortless not only that Nepal Rental Car has provided some essential tips to make your trip enjoyable and amazing.

How to have the perfect road trip?

When was the last time when you really enjoyed your day off or vacation? Planning a trip can be stressful especially in terms of traveling far or for a long period of time. If a person is planning a plane trip it can be less time consuming but one cannot enjoy nature and have an adventure all along the route. This is why road trips are great. They are quick to put together, fun, and manageable. If you have arrived in Nepal from the airport as a visitor, you definitely rent a car or any other vehicles as per group size and get on the road trip. This area of our country is stunning and packed full of interesting sites to visit on road trips. No matter if you are looking for something to do with the family, an interesting trip to take by yourself, or a romantic getaway with your partner, a road trip in Nepal could be the perfect holiday throughout the year.

In this blog we will be taking a look at how to plan the perfect road trip in Nepal, we will be taking a look at how to find your ideal car, the essential to take with you and everything else that you need to craft your dream holiday.

Why choose a road trip?

Before starting on what we need for the perfect road trip, let's consider why you would pick this type of holiday over other types of holidays for example plane or cruise trip. Road trips aren’t always a holiday planner’s initial thought, but we think that they should be. A road trip can be a lot sooner to plan than other types of holiday. If you are thinking about a cruise trip, you’ll know that the whole process of booking and getting a boat can take forever. Likewise, airways can also be time-consuming like booking a ticket for the airway can be expensive and we also have to wait for many hours for the flight so it can be time-consuming as well. In the context of Nepal, cruises are not available though.

Road trips are quick and easy, particularly when you choose to rent a car to save on time, stress, and money too. It can showcase the more personal, local attraction of the country too. Driving through a place can encourage you to visit the less popular area and tourist traps. In addition, a road trip can be a lot more personal and cherished than other types of holidays. If you are planning to do the trip with a loved one, a trip could be the best way to spend time with a loved one. Hence, a road trip could be the best way to spend quality time together and get to know each other even better.

Essential Things You Need for Your Ideal Holiday

Now, that we have covered the best things about the road trip, let's take a look at what is essential to make the road trip best. Of course, the vehicle is the main element for the road trip but there are many other things to be considered and plan out too. These things that we are going to consider are based on the place where you are going and the budget for the trip and they are worth mentioning:

Find Yourself the Perfect Vehicle

As we have already said that, it's important and the main element to getting yourself the perfect vehicle. You can also bring your own vehicle for the trip but often it's much easier, safer, and cheaper to rent the vehicle. If you rent a car you don’t have to worry about transferring from place to place or from country to country as well. We recommend you to rent a vehicle from the airport if you are looking for a road trip to Nepal. It is easy, quick and you will also get a lot of options available to suit your budget and needs on this road trip. You can also look at the site of our company, Nepal Rental Car to find out more about our services and what we could do for you today and in the upcoming day.

Pack all the Necessities

Sometimes it’s necessary to abide in mind for the road trip is to pack everything you need for the trip. This may sound obvious but you would be surprised at the number of people who get on the road and realize that they have forgotten their personal belongings like toothbrush, charger, perfume, and many more. So, make a list of the things that you need before you go on a trip and if you are traveling with a partner or friend ask them to double-check their packing as well. Making a checklist before the trip and double-checking can be easier and beneficial to have a perfect journey.

Don’t forget the Snacks

This is the vital one, as every road trip needs some good snacks. As much as candy and junk food can be appealing in the first few hours, you are going to need to have some healthy options to keep your energy up for a long drive. We would recommend taking a look on the internet for some inspiration. You can also prefer some fine places for meals during the road trip but some places don't have restaurants and hotels so it's better to carry some healthy food for the trip.

Plan a Beautiful and Scenic Route

One of the most important parts of the road trip is to plan a journey through a good scenic route. Not only do you need to consider the logistics route but also you should consider what's going to be interesting for you and your companions in the journey. Don’t get put off by less popular destinations or countryside and it's also easy to be caught off by tourist traps but as we all know it is worth your time to explore the less-known places. Planning a route full of beautiful scenery and natural beauty will boost you up with more energy. If you are moving for business meetings or fast-to-reach types of destinations, let the company know. You can present your concern about the route with the company at the early stage of the trip.

Arrange your perfect playlist

The final thing that you will do before starting the road trip is to put together your perfect playlist. This is the best time to catch up with your favorite podcast and to listen to the latest songs from your favorite band. You can you're your device (Pendrive, mobile phones, etc) or you can also use the device provided by the company to snoop to your favorite songs. While arranging your playlist take your time to discover some new tune while you are out exploring new places. It will add refreshment and excitement to the journey.

To sum up the road trip

Overall, road trips are always good and fun when you are in Nepal, it could be the perfect way to spend your time alone, with your family or with anyone you desire to roam around. If you are interested in finding new and interesting places then take a break from work and do a road trip which can be the ideal holiday for you. Even if you are traveling solo, a road trip can be a lot of fun with a lot more peace and liberty.

Renting a car from the airport can be easier, faster, and money-saving. If you are already in your hotel (or any pick-up points), we are flexible to reach out to you and pick you up and transfer to your destination as well. So, for any kind of planning of a road trip in Nepal if you are searching for a vehicle rental company, then you can visit our site and rent any type of vehicle according to your group size and requirement. Nepal Rental Car offers various types of vehicles for renting with some additional standard facilities to make your road trip in Nepal the ideal one. Some of the vehicles' categories are car, jeep, Hi-Ace, micro-bus, mini-bus, tourist bus, and so on. You will experience the best and memorable road trip with our company. So, do visit our site and enjoy the services provided by our company.

Have a greatest and pleasant journey in Nepal with Nepal Rental Car Team!