Important Guideline for Renting a Vehicle

  • April 24 2020
  • by Manju Mahato

Hiring a vehicle can be intimidating, particularly when it’s your first time or when you have a bad experience in the past. Then again there are many circumstances like age restriction, different penalties, and many more to consider which often make you feel better just taking a taxi or cabs everywhere. With the right knowledge and booking guidelines on your side, it helps you to choose the right vehicle for your needs and enjoy a stress-free vacation without being bound by overwrought public transportation lines or high rates of taxi fees.

It’s important to know about booking and correct guidelines while renting a car and to save you from paying extra. Nepal Rental Car has provided you with some of the guidelines for hiring a vehicle so that you can get knowledge related to the topic and rent a vehicle without any problem. For all the ultimate guidelines for renting a vehicle, you don’t have to further as Nepal Rental Car has put together the entire tip for renting a vehicle for you.

Be Frank about your Itinerary and Provide Every Detail

The type of vehicle you rent needs to go well with your trip which is why you need to be honest about the itinerary and types of vacation you are doing. For example, if you are traveling a long tour with your family then you might need a big and comfortable vehicle for the whole trip but if only a few people are doing a trip near the city then you might need a small vehicle for a day tour. So while booking a vehicle you must be frank and provide every detail related to the trip you are going to do.

Aspects that You Want with Vehicle Travel 

For your trip, we always want the rental vehicle to be easy to drive, easy to get around, and comfortable. If you can afford the outspoken cost and choose a vehicle as per your need on the trip will help you save in the long run also. So when you are looking for features for the rental vehicle when you aim to just enjoy the city or do one day tour, these are the top three features

Good Drivability of Vehicle

Cities are always tight, busy, and filled with peoples and a lot can distract and threaten while driving so it’s best to hire an automatic over a standard vehicle and with extra safety like sensors, cameras to make it safer and comfortable while driving. The vehicles need to be well-maintained so that there won’t be any problem while driving.

Miniature Size for Easy Parking

For your trip or day tour, it’s better to choose a vehicle of small size so that it will easily drive on busy roads and choosing a vehicle low to the ground will make sure you are always able to get into all the parking areas/garages available.

Best Intercity Mileage

While doing the trip and roaming around the cities you will have to stop and start the vehicles several times and won’t be able to reach cruise control and eco-cruise in a busy city. To save money and comfort your trip, you will need something that is designed to be efficient in the cities or busy areas.

Aspects You Will Want with Rental Vehicle Travel

If you are doing a long trip and with many people then the area you want to focus on before traveling is mentioned below:

Fuel Economy

The fuel should be full on the vehicle before the trip as it needs to be able to travel a long distance before you run out of fuel which will help to reduce your overall cost. While booking some companies provides fuel facilities and some don’t so you need to know about it while booking. Not only that, but you need to ask them about refilling the tank also. Many company policies say no need to refill the tank before returning but some company says to refill the tank after the trip.

Plenty of Legroom Vehicles

While renting a vehicle always remember about comfort for yourself and others who are traveling with you. So always choose spaciously and the vehicle having enough legroom with either cars or large vehicles so that everyone in the vehicle doesn’t feel cramped and can enjoy the road trip comfortably.

Enough Storage Space

The other thing that travelers always want while renting the vehicle is enough storage space as no one wants to get crushed and squeezed with the luggage so choose a vehicle with enough trunk space.

Services Worthwhile To Invest In

Here are some of the best extra services that you want to invest include:

  • Extra Safety Features like seat belts, handles, clean seat covers, etc
  • Navigation system or GPS
  • Comfortable back seats
  • Dash camera

Guideline for Renting

So after choosing the vehicle as per your type and requirement, here are some of the tips that will help you to save the money:

Paying with the Credit Card or Mobile Banking

If you have the type of credit card then it's always best to pay for your vehicle from credit cards. Some credit cards will provide insurance cover for you which can be a bonus for you. Other than that you can also pay from mobile banking as it’s the easiest and time-saving method and also saves from extra expenses.

Advance Booking

You should book your vehicle before 3 days or more of the day trip. As to get the vehicle as per your type and to check the vehicle you need time so it's better to book before a few days from the trip day. This will help to provide enough time to choose a vehicle as per your wish and examine the vehicle condition.

Inspect the Vehicle before Renting and Driving

It’s a must thing to do as we don’t want any kind of problem in the midway of the road trip so we must check the vehicle before going on the trip. Not only the condition of the vehicle but also inspect that if there is any kind of breakdown or scratches in the vehicle so that you can note it. Sometimes, people might blame us for the things that we haven’t done so it's better to inspect it properly. 

Minimal the number of driver

While hiring the vehicle we pay for both the vehicle and for the driver so if you want to make your expenses less then you should minimize the number of the driver. For example, if you are in a large number and all of them want to have cars for the trip the cost might be high because of the number of cars and the number of a driver for each vehicle. So to save your money you can hire a comfortable and spacious big vehicle for your group for which you just have to pay for a single vehicle and driver.


In the context of our country, self-driving is not accessible. One has to pay for both the driver and the vehicle while renting a vehicle. Due to the busy road, puzzled alleys, and road condition of our country, the vehicle renting company doesn’t allow independent driving. The customers might get lost in the busy roads and alleys and due to road conditions there is a high chance of damaging the vehicle for the first-timer and mostly the driving side of our country is the right side in comparison to other countries. Some companies allow self-driving but you have to give them your id and passport and have to deposit a huge amount of money for safety which can be more expensive.

So above mentioned are some of the important guidelines which are listed for all the customers by Nepal Rental Car to make your booking easy. Our company also provides all types of vehicles for rent, so you can also contact us for booking vehicles. We fulfill all the requirements of yours while renting and guarantee you the satisfaction of the trip by our services and top-class vehicles.