Why Should I Prefer Rental Vehicle Service?

  • April 28 2020
  • by Manju Mahato

For many years, vehicle renting companies have been the need for all the customers for traveling from one place to another. It has become an equally high priority for faster and easier transfer between places. Booking a vehicle is realistic and handy for one-time use and for the entire person who doesn’t have any personal vehicle. Likewise, if you unite with professional vehicle renting companies then you might find the vehicle at an affordable and cheaper cost too. But due to some wrong information and misconception, people are hesitant to make a booking of these renting vehicles for their journey. They think the renting price is much expensive and not reliable medium to have a trustworthy journey, which is actually not the case.

Nepal Rental Car is a well-reputed company that has been providing vehicle renting services for all the customers of any age. The company has always gained positive feedback from the customers to whom the hiring vehicle service is offered. Due to the positive response and reliability of the company, it is able to gain trust in the market for highly organized and maintained services all over the country. In order to whether the renting vehicle is worthy or not.

Pros of Preferring Vehicle Renting Services in Nepal

Everything has its negative and positive aspects. Likewise here are some remarkable benefits you can enjoy by using the best vehicle renting services in Nepal.

Owning a Vehicle is not Necessary: Preferring vehicle rental services is the best option for all those people who don’t have their personal vehicles. You can hire a vehicle for a special purpose/ occasion or for outstation trips. The vehicle will be present at any place that you prefer it to be.

Perfect for Vacation or Business Purpose: If you are traveling to a new city for vacation or business purpose then renting a vehicle is the best option and it is also much more affordable. Hiring a vehicle will also help you to lessen the expenses and provides you a peaceful and relaxing ride. You will be able to enjoy the ride with the beauties of cities and countryside; and also can work in the vehicle peacefully, if you want to.

Hiring Commercial Vehicle is Easier:  Renting a commercial vehicle like car, van, jeep, etc can be beneficial if you are relocating your household or hiring a car for the marriage ceremony. Not only that small businesses like catering services, event organizing, etc can also benefit from the same way by avoiding additional vehicle and maintenance charges.

Wide Variety of Vehicle Choosing Option: Top vehicle renting companies in Nepal has varieties of option in the vehicle for all the customers. They provide all types of vehicles of various models of international brands. Some of the vehicles offered for hire are car, jeep, van, micro-bus, tourist bus, Hi-Ace, etc. So, you will also get a chance to get a ride with your preferred vehicle without owning it.

Offer Expediency and Flexibility: You can have rental vehicle services for the desired amount of time like for hours or for days according to your trip and also can choose to intercity or outstation without any restriction. You can also take them any places and stop at any places as per your desire with minimum cost applicable.

No Depreciation Loss: If you are planning for a long trip or outside the valley trip then renting a vehicle has proven to be the smarter option then owning a vehicle. This will prevent you from undergoing excess wear and tears and from faster devaluation rates. So, it is the wisest decision of hiring a vehicle for your outstation trip.

Low Travelling Cost: Travelling in a personal vehicle (owned by yourself) can be a bit expensive as you have to pay for maintenance, fuel, and many more. Also, traveling in public vehicles is demanding and exhausting. But hiring a vehicle can be less expensive because you just have to pay for outspoken charges and the rest will be arranged by the company. You neither have to clean the vehicle nor you have to refuel the vehicle. You will reach the destination and complete the journey with a lot more ease.

Cons for Preferring Vehicle Rental Services

As we have mentioned before, everything has a positive and negative side. Likewise, here are some cons of preferring vehicle rental services:

Adhere to Rules and Regulation: All the vehicle renting companies have their own terms and condition which has to be followed by the customers while hiring a vehicle and without fail. At the time of booking a vehicle, one needs to have a proper conversation with the authority and know about everything that the hiring vehicle demands.  It can be time-consuming.

Elevated Vehicle Renting Charges: Some vehicle renting companies in Nepal might charge very expensive vehicle renting rates. So it’s better to consult 3 to 4 vehicle renting companies get the better ides of vehicle renting charges. It will help you know the actual or average rates of the vehicle.

Liable to Wear and Tear: The vehicle provided by the vehicle renting companies is susceptible to wear and tear. So while hiring vehicle customers should properly inspect vehicle conditions thoroughly to avoid breakdown of the vehicle the midway. It is must essential to have a safe and sound journey.

No Self-driving: Many people don’t object to this topic but some customers want to do self-driving while enjoying the trip to avoid the outsiders. In Nepal, self-driving is not accessible due to security reasons and geographical conditions of Nepal. So while hiring a vehicle, the cost mentioned to you includes the charges of both vehicle and the driver.

Therefore, the above mentioned are information about the advantages and disadvantages of renting vehicle services in Nepal. It will help you to know either renting services is worth it or not. Nepal Rental Car has also provided this information to eliminate the misconception of the people that they might have while making the reservation of the vehicle. NRC offers the rental vehicle service in Nepal with all the services required such as air conditioner, bendable and comfortable seats, handles, enough legroom, and so on. You can book the vehicle with Nepal Rental Car Team at the best, cheaper and reasonable price in the market. Also, the vehicles are well-maintained and furnished so that the customer can happily complete the journey. Feel free to make a booking with us, for that you can prefer the email or direct call system mentioned on our website. We are active in Skype, Viber, WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well. You can connect with us via any social media.

With the motto of bringing a big – fat smile on the customers' face, Nepal Rental Car welcomes you to advantage the services of rental vehicles in Nepal for any occasions and emergencies at the best rate and services possible.