Kathmandu Rental Car

  • December 26 2018
  • by Anisha Maharjan

Kathmandu Rental Car is one of the best options to rent a car in Kathmandu. In a crowded city like Kathmandu, renting a vehicle would always be a better option than traveling in public vehicles as it provides a luxurious ride throughout the city as per your travel destinations. Being in Nepal, taking a trip towards Kathmandu would be on everyone’s bucket list. Traveling towards the cultural sites and heritage of Nepal with a rented vehicle would make the journey more comfortable and beautiful. The type of vehicle depends on the group of people for their comfort. Nepal rental car is a team promising a vehicle in a good condition as per demand for your comfort and security. The team also provides a professional, well-experienced driver for your safety. Nepal rental car provides a facility for hiring vehicles like cars, jeeps, vans, Scorpio, and many others according to your demand. The vehicles could be hired with an enthusiastic and skilled driver. You may take the rented vehicle within the valley to your every beautiful destination in Kathmandu as well as for the tour outside Kathmandu. You may drown in every cultural heritage, historical site, religious place and many other places rich in art and culture around Kathmandu in a very comfortable and luxurious way with a rented vehicle from Nepal rental car.

Kathmandu Car Rental Services

  • Pick and drop from and to the airport
  • Online booking service
  • Well-skilled professional drivers
  • Good condition vehicles with comfort and facilities
  • Best and safe service

Kathmandu Car Rental With Driver

Nepal rental car provides a vehicle suitable for every situation and every group of people with a well-skilled and experienced driver who will know to tackle every unusual situation occurring during the journey to make your journey secure and safe. The driver provided by our team would take you to your desired place in minimum time in a comfortable manner. Your interaction with the driver would also be fruitful interaction as he would know about the places and cultures. You would surely not have a problem with the behavior and skills of the driver.

Kathmandu Car Rental Without Driver

Nepal rental car currently does not provide the facility of renting vehicles without a driver. As per the road situation in Nepal we highly recommend a driver while renting the vehicle. Nepal rental car would certainly provide this facility in the future but currently, our team only provides a vehicle with a driver.

Luxury Car Rental in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a city rich in culture and beauty. During several occasions like weddings, events, and educational tours, one would expect a comfortable journey with a good vehicle to make the journey relaxing and memorable. Nepal rental car offers booking vehicles for special occasions like tour weddings and other several events. With Nepal rental car, the special event would be more relaxing and free of tiredness.

Rental Car for the Wedding in Kathmandu

The wedding is always a cause for celebration. In a country rich in a culture like Nepal, the wedding is really a memorable part where a new life begins for a couple. A man takes his newlywed bride to his home for the rest of his life. The journey should be comfortable and obstacle free. Nepal rental provides a vehicle in good condition rent for this big day at a very reasonable price with comfortable facilities. Our team completes your big day with comfort and a well-skilled driver to tackle any obstacle in your journey.

Rental Car for the Honeymoon Tour

A newlywed couple would forget all the stress and move forward to know each other in a short and memorable trip named the honeymoon. Nepal rental car provides facilities for going on a wonderful tour in Nepal with different packages having reasonable prices. Nepal has a lot of beautiful places to spend quality time with your loved one. Nepal rental car would be with you on your journey to pick up and drop at your desired places with a well-skilled driver with good behavior.

Rental Car for Educational Tour

As mentioned earlier, Nepal rental car provides vehicles suitable for any number of people in a group. An educational tour may carry a big group of people of different ages. Nepal rental car provides a secure trip for people of any age and any number of people. The vehicle would be in good condition and suitable for the number of people in your group. Our team does not provide the vehicle with any sort of complaints. The driver would be well skilled for a particular vehicle to make the journey safe. The rented vehicle would move to your desired place according to your plans.

Rental Car for Project Tour

A group of people moving to different places in Nepal for particular research or project would certainly like our service as the vehicle rented would move to your desired place according to your suitable timing. The vehicle perfect for your group will be provided in good condition with a well-mannered, enthusiastic, and skilled driver for your comfort and safety. The tour would move according to your flexibility. You would reach your project destination with comfort and safety as per the motive of a Nepal rental car.

Rental Car/Vehicle Booking in Kathmandu

You can book a vehicle with Nepal rental car for any time and occasion. We promise a satisfying service and a vehicle in good condition. To book a vehicle, you may simply click the “book now” button from our site, or for more information and inquire about the facilities or company you may contact us at +9779841724847.

Car Rental Kathmandu Price

Nepal rental car provides the desired vehicle and services at a reasonable price. The online booking system may make you think about the price but Nepal rental car provides the services at the best rate possible. The price rate is quite reasonable and affordable. For details about the prices and routes, you may check the tariff section and also choose and book the service easily.