Rent a Car in Nepal

  • October 05 2018
  • by Anuja Sharma

Renting a car in Nepal is growing rapidly as it provides overall facilities for car rental services in Nepal. Because of this facility, you are able to rent vehicles rather than a car, like jeeps, vans, Hiace, and many others. As we all know, Nepal is a developing country. Despite this, it is moving at a fast pace in the context of scientific and physical development. Development of online renting of cars and other vehicles also comes under it. Many online services are provided by which you can book vehicles under your demand and criteria by sitting anywhere. Nepal Rental Car is also one of the highly managed and operated companies for the car (and other vehicles) hiring in Nepal. It provides overall facilities related to car renting like WI-FI, luxurious seats, seat bendings, large disks, AC, and so forth. You can enjoy your overall journey uniting with Nepal Rental Car (NRC) with no limitation in your enjoyment.

Rental Car Facilities

  • Airport pick-ups and drop-offs.
  • Best services in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar, and many more (within the overall nation).
  • Online bookings.
  • Well-experienced, enthusiastic, and licensed drivers.
  • Qualitative vehicles with overall facilities related to vehicles like Wi-Fi, AC, Television, etc.

Rent a Car in Nepal With Driver

Rent a car in Nepal - Nepal Rental Car

Nepal Rental car provides the best of the best drivers with experience of many years. Once when you book your trip with Nepal Rental Car, we will provide you with the best facilities for the car along with the driver to make your trip comfortable. They are so much experienced in driving that you can feel safe in their hand. They know all the initial and after precautions that will, that should be taken in any kind of immediate situation that can occur. They will take you to your destined place in minimum time so that you will be able to enjoy yourself more time in that place. Their gratitude, humbleness, and friendly behavior will make you feel like you are in the right and best place that you can rely on and trust fully.

Rent a Car in Nepal Without Driver (self-drive)

Nepal Rental Car provides you with the service of cars and other vehicles at the cheapest and most negotiable price. As there is the chance of clients not knowing the route of the city area and outside of the city as well, we are not giving this facility of self-drive right now. But we promise you to come with such a facility too in the near future.

Car Rental Nepal Price

Online booking may give a nightmare to someone as people have the mentality that booking a vehicle online can be more expensive than their budget. but that's not what exactly is. Nepal rental Car provides you with vehicle renting services at the best prices that you can easily afford. The price of the vehicle along with their routes of travel are mentioned in our tariff section which you can choose and book easily.

Vehicles for Rent in Nepal

Vehicles for Rent in Nepal - Nepal Rental Car

Despite the name itself as a car renting a server, Nepal Rental Car provides you with the facilities of renting other vehicles as well. Jeep hires in Nepal, Scorpio hires in Nepal, Vintage Car hires in Nepal, Van hires in Nepal, Coaster hires in Nepal, and Sutlej hires in Nepal are also the major hires that can be done in Kathmandu as well as in the whole of Nepal. Other vehicles can also be arranged as per your demand and requirement.

Rent a car in Kathmandu With Driver

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and consists of the one and only International airport in the country. Booking a car in Kathmandu is also easier for you as the head office of the company is located here and the services will be provided to you in less time after you make the booking. We will provide you with the best and most experienced drivers who will take you to your destination within Kathmandu without any difficulty in much less time. As he will be known about the short-cuts and shortest routes, you will be able to enjoy more time in your destination rather than in moving from here and there.

Rent a Car in Kathmandu Without Driver (self-drive)

Kathmandu consists of different beautiful places to visit and is also the home of the single international airport in Nepal. So, people from inside and outside of the country visit there to enjoy its beauty as well as to start their journey to Nepal if they are from outside of the country. As you are a visitor in Kathmandu so you may not know the places there so you are recommended to enjoy the beautiful city, Kathmandu booking the drive with the driver. Nepal Rental Car cares about you and doesn't want you to get lost in this huge city, so we are not providing this facility to ensure your safe and sound journey in Nepal.

Car (Vehicle) Booking in Nepal With NRC

You can book vehicles for rent/hire in Nepal with NRC in a very easy manner. You can book by clicking simply on the Book now button. If you want bookings getting further information about the company and vehicles along with their facilities, you can call us at +9779841724847 or drop us an inquiry.