Top 10 Tourist Best Destinations in Nepal

  • November 09 2018
  • by Anuja Sharma

Nepal is the country well-known for its natural and artistic beauty, historic achievements, brave Gorkhalis, and great humanity. Being so, it is not difficult to find top destinations in Nepal which you can explore and get closer to Nepalese serenity. All these places carry their own unique features and credibility. All these places can be reached out using the land and air transportation. There is no conflict that Nepal serves its importance as the land of Gautam Buddha, Mount Everest, Lakes and Rivers, Monuments, Temples, peaks, and also rugged roads.

Nepal Rental Car (NRC) provides high-quality rental services of vehicles like car, jeep, bus, mini-van, etc. with best-rated facilities of Wi-Fi, television, bending seats, and so on. You can enjoy these facilities with the full-fledged utilization of provided resources. You can reach any kinds of places using these vehicles whether the distance is more or less. But taking the big vehicle or small depending upon the road condition and environmental changes. Sometimes walking is also preferred to minimize the chances of accidents and other unpredictable incidents.

Here are some of the places that you can visit in Nepal utilizing the best of NRC vehicles’ facilities. Though vehicles are allowed, there may/will be need of some trek or a simple walk to reach the desired destination. Now, let’s check in the list of top 10 destinations in Nepal.

1. Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp is the best destination for all indoor and outdoor tourists. It is the base camp of the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, which lies at an altitude of 5,380m (17,600ft). It offers the best panoramic view of mountains like Mount Everest itself, Machhapuchhre, Lhotse, Nuptse, Gaurishankar, and many named and unnamed, Himalayan glaciers like Khumbu glacier, Gokyo lake, and exotic flora and fauna. The major part of reaching base camp is trekking from the first point Lukla to the base camp. Lukla is reached by flight from Kathmandu. But if you want to explore another route from Jiri, you can hire a private car, jeep, or any suitable vehicle, which will provide pickup and drop-off service for you.

2. Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna Base Camp is the best classical and legendary trek in the world which takes you closer to ancient and unique Nepalese culture and traditions. Best panoramic view of the environment around encircling snowcapped mountains, forests of rhododendron, pine, and the oak, tranquil landscape is also something non-ignorable. Base Camp lies at an altitude of 4,130m. This adventurous journey starts from a drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara. For these kinds of transportation, NRC provides vehicles on hire with an appropriate amount of money for a certain period of time, which will serve you with all kinds of possible assistance.

3. Tilicho Lake

Tilicho Lake tour in Nepal - Nepal Rental Car

Tilicho Lake is the lake located at the extreme height of 4,919m in Annapurna Himalayan range in Manang district. It is one of the most preferred destinations in Nepal as it offers beautiful Himalayan panorama along with ice cold surface. This heavenly view of the area attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year. Different trekking routes pass via this beautiful lake. Lodges built there are also reliable for stay but yet not highly accommodated. Being one of the most beautiful places to visit in Nepal, the area remains crowded too. Different land transportation services are provided to the clients as per their demand which will assist them to reach this beautiful place.

4. Lumbini

Maya Devi Temple Lumbini Tour - Nepal Rental Car

Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, is the holy and most celebrated place in Nepal and is known worldwide for its beautiful presentation and historic importance. Gautam Buddha was born in this place in 623 BC. Ashoka pillar standing in the garden and Mayadevi temple also catch the eyes of many. Different archaeological activities also go on to know more about the area and its existence. It is 272 km away from Kathmandu and takes around 7 hours and 24 minutes to reach there via East-West Highway. Also, it can be reached via Prithvi Highway, from which distance decreases to 265.5 km and takes 6 hours 55 minutes to reach there. NRC provides car hiring service for reaching there. Other vehicles like the jeep, HI Ace are also provided with facilities of luxurious seats, television, Wi-Fi, and so on. It will help you reach there with ease, enjoying the beautiful scenario portrayed around in the environment.

5. Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang Tour -Ristricted area Tour with Nepal Rental Car

Mustang is also known as the Desert of Nepal, as there falls less amount of rain and the surrounding remains dry for most of the times. High mountains around the block the clouds moving in that direction which may support the rainfall. Peeking into this Buddhist Kingdom provides a close view of Buddhist-Tibetan culture, tradition and lifestyle, bizarre landscape, colored fields and so on. It gives visitors a different approach to seeing Nepal. It takes days to reach there. You can hire a car, jeep, and other vehicles to reach there. But in some places hiring the local public bus and jeeps are necessary due to the vast road condition, which will also be arranged by NRC.

6. Khaptad National Park

Khaptad National Park tour and trek with Nepal Rental Car

Khaptad National Park is the park in Far Western Region of Nepal, established in the year 1984. It stretches from an altitude of 1,400m (4,600ft) to 3,300m (10,800ft), covering the districts like Bajhang, Bajura, Achham, and Doti with an area of 225 km2. It is 448 km far from Kathmandu and takes about 55 minutes via the flight to reach there. The traveling can also be done by road transportation for which we can provide well-accommodated vehicles like car, jeep, mini-van, etc. using which you can reach there, but it will take much more time as the road condition is not that familiar to the vehicles. National Park consists of different kinds of species of birds, animals, and plants with exotic and unique features. It is also known as the land of steep slopes, moor, and streams.

7. Chitwan National Park

Spotted Deer during Chitwan National Park tour with Nepal Rental Car

Chitwan National Park is the first national park of Nepal which was built in 1973 and was declared World Heritage Site in 1984. It covers a total area of 952.6 km2 including 68 species of mammals, 56 species of herpetofauna, 544 species of birds, and 126 species of fish. It is also famous as the protective area of One-horned Rhinos, Gharial crocodile, and Royal Bengal Tiger. It is 170.4 km away from Kathmandu and it will take about 5 hours to reach there. The lake (Bishazari Tal) located in the area is also much more famous because of its beautiful photogenic character. You can also enjoy activities like Jungle safari, elephant ride, polo, fishing, boating, and many more. Nepal Rental Car arranges different vehicle options with various facilities for reaching there in the park and enjoying the arena.

8. Panch Pokhari

Panch Pokhari Tour in Nepal

Panch Pokhari is the 9th wetland at highest altitude at an elevation of 4100m from sea level. It is the group of five Hindu holy lakes and lies in the Sindhupalchowk district of central Nepal. It is most famous among Buddhists and Hindus and they specially visit there in ‘Janai Purnima’. The Pokhari (lake) is around 450 km away from the capital city, Kathmandu and takes around 9 hours and 35 minutes to reach there. This time is estimated for road travel if you prefer flight and then land transportation, the time duration will decrease too much lesser. For a flight, you can land on Nepalgunj or Bhairawa and take the land vehicle. Nepal Rental Car is a well-known agency for providing high-quality vehicles (bus, car, jeep, etc.) with every imaginable facility as per your demand. Lying in the arms of the beautiful Himalayas and pristine nature, this destination offers the adorable vista of natural beauty, biological diversity, heritage, and cultures.

9. Janakpurdham

Janaki Temple tour in Nepal

Janakpurdham is the headquarter of Dhanusha district in Nepal which was founded in the early 18th century. It is one of the proper destinations for cultural variation, pilgrimage, and tourism. It is the heartland of Maithili culture and originator of Maithili language and scripts. The only railway in Nepal is also located here which joins Nepal and India. The major attractions of this place are Janaki Mandir, Ram Mandir, Bivahmandap, Ganga Sagar and Dhanush Sagar, Jaleshwar, Janakpur Dham Railway Station, Rajdevi Mandir, Dhanushadham, Dudhmati and Kamala River, Janakpur Cigarette Factory, and traditional village of Janakpur. It is located 123 km (76 miles) south-east of Kathmandu and 22 km from the Indian border. It takes around 12 hours to reach Janakpur if you go by road vehicle, but if you take flight and then road vehicle the time will be minimized too much less. The road and environmental conditions also determine the journey time in Nepal.

10. Gosaikunda Lake

Gosaikunda Lake tour in Nepal

Gosaikunda Lake is also the most popular destination for trekkers and travelers with nature-loving nature. It is located at an altitude of about 4360m with surrounding mountains on almost all sides. It is also considered the popular pilgrimage site among Hindu pilgrims and hundreds of them visit there to take a holy bath during Janai Purnima. There is located a huge rock at the center of the lake which is said to be the remaining of Lord Shiva’s shrine. The water of the lake is believed to be carried out directly to the Kumbheshwar Temple in Patan (in Kathmandu valley) via different channels. This holy place is located 43 km south to Kathmandu and takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach there. But the traffic jams, road condition, and environmental causes can affect the time of reaching the place. You can hire the best condition cars, jeeps, and other vehicles from NRC and reach the place with higher ease.