Top 10 Best Tourist Places In Pokhara

  • April 16 2019
  • by Jyoti Karki

Pokhara is one of the best and beautiful cities to visit once in a lifetime. This makes Pokhara one of the best tourist destinations in Nepal with encircling various top tourist places within it. Tourist places in Pokhara not only covers the mountains and lakes but also the astounding and thrilling caves, daring sports activities, falls, ponds, temples and much more. Breathing the peaceful and calm air of Pokhara fades all the tension and fragileness in just a blink. Pokhara is one of the ‘most goes place’ in Nepal. It is because of its serene beauty and peaceful offerings to its visitors. Reaching Pokhara can be done by flights (air flight and helicopter flight) and road transportation. Nepal Rental Car offers exclusive cars and other luxury vehicles for visiting Pokhara and also wandering around different places in Pokhara right away.

Pokhara is known as Lake City as well.  Pokhara is one of the significant destinations for International tourist and domestic tourist as well. Pokhara is the second largest city in terms of population after the Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. There are greatest tourist places in Pokhara to visit that will impress you with their grand magnificence and quiet environment. It is usually known as the "city of seven lakes". It is enhanced with characteristic and social legacy. It is a Shangri-La, extremely a heaven on Earth.  That is the reason it is popular for touring and mountain sees and also it is the main starting point of every trekking and tours to the Annapurna region.

A large number of people have the question that for what Pokhara is well known for, as all we realize that there are diverse courageous exercises, for example, paragliding, Zip Flyer, Caving, Boating, and Cannoning in Pokhara for the general population who need to encounter their life in various manners by confronting the difficulties of nature. Pokhara is extremely wealthy in common excellence, three out of the tenth most elevated mountains of the world lie in the separation of 15 to 35 miles from the valley. The traveler can do many things aka activities in Pokhara for their adventure. People can do thrilling spots, water spots and the natural side has seen and you can visit historical places too.

Pokhara dependably has been extremely prominent for the travel industry area.  Almost everyone wants to go there for tour, gathering, and family trips so onwards. Other than incredible mountain sees, it is step by step picking up ubiquity as an interesting experience sports goals. Paragliding, boating, ultra-light flight, nectar frequenting, and cycling are now famous in Pokhara. With the mysterious caves, temples, and snow-topped mountains, the heaven of lake city dazzling lakes and that's only the tip of the iceberg, it's difficult to pick what to see and do in Pokhara. To make possible you to settle on this tricky decision, I've listed some best places to visit in Pokhara.


International Mountaineering Museum is another historical and beautiful tourist place in Pokhara for day's visit. It is situated in the serenity of the city Ratopahiro Pokhara Submetroplis-17. Here, you can investigate past to present of mountaineering in Nepal, Japan, Slovakia, and different nations also. The exhibition hall includes a magnificent gathering of vegetation gathered from the Himalayas and different areas. You can see a mountain model of Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Everest, and a total 3D model of mountains from the Himalayas here. This historical center tells you past Everest and presents different heaps of the Himalayas as well. Investigating this historical center will be fun and fascinating which features the moving of a portion of the world's most noteworthy and most troublesome climbs. You can likewise scrutinize equipment from a very long while back, what individuals used to ascend probably the most important mountains on the planet. You'll discover the visit to the International Mountaineering Museum enlightening as well.


David’s falls is the most beautiful and mysterious waterfall located in Pokhara, marked as one of the major tourist attractions in Pokhara. Pokhara is the city of Nepal well known for its cascades and David’s fall is one of them. The water frames an underground passageway in the wake of achieving the base. This passageway is around 500 feet long and runs 100 feet subterranean dimension.  It is best to see the waterfall in monsoon because at that time the volume of water increases significantly. Its Nepali name is Patale Chango, which signifies "black market waterfall". This is a standout amongst the most visited places in Nepal. Following leaving the passage, the water goes through a cave called Gupteshwor Mahadev or "cave underneath the ground". The visitor can find luck pond at David’s fall park. You can try your luck by throwing and placing the coin to the statue of God. As well, one can find a model of traditional characteristic Nepali house and a series of the statue of Nepali people wearing traditional dresses where visitors can snap the photo.


The Bindabasini temple (sanctuary) is another most well-known and religious tourist site of Pokhara. It lies at 3,000ft above from the ocean level. It is a Hindu based religion sanctuary worked in a Pagoda style. The Temple is devoted to Goddess Durga or else called Shakti or Kali and numerous appearances. Many Hindu come to this temple for worshipping and wedding ceremony.  It is believed that King Siddhi Narayan Shah of Kaski brought the deity to Pokhara before Nepal’s unification. From this sanctuary, you can likewise appreciate the remarkable perspectives on the city and the mountain ranges including Machhapuchhre and Annapurna.


Gupteshwor Mahadev cavern is Nepal's most renowned cavern which is manifested as one of the best tourist places in Pokhara. It's additionally supposed to be the longest collapse of Nepal (2950 meters). The cavern is said to be have been found in the sixteenth century. The principle cavern entrance was not built until 1991. The primary cavern contains two chambers with a few sanctums situated all through. The biggest of these places of worship is devoted to Shiva. There is lighting in the cavern that has a power back-up however bringing your own head burn is suggested.

5. BATS CAVE (Chamero Gufa)

Pokhara has a few caves and every one of these caverns is home to the nighttime flying Dracula known as the Bat. This cavern is found somewhat a long way from the Mahendra cavern in the west. In spite of the fact that the passage is smaller however the inward peace of the cavern is sufficiently wide. This cave is home to bats as it offers the safe house to in excess of fifteen a huge number of bats of various species. This characteristic of Bats Cave aids the respective place stay in the list of extraordinary tourist places in Pokhara. You’ll discover the mass of the inner of the cavern is cut with various pictures of elephant tusk, Gods, and Goddess. When you walk in you can see the bad hanging there in the cave. The exit point of this cave may be a little difficult for old age persons. Feel thrilled with 1000 of bad around you and you will get a torch with the ticket so you can see the things properly in the cave.


Mahendra cavern is one of the appealing caves in Pokhara city and is arranged near Bat's cave. This cavern draws in an enormous number of travelers. In the mid part of the cavern, you'll see a statue of the Hindu Lord Shiva. The cavern has been named after the Late King, Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. The regular passage of the cavern is enlightened by fake lighting frameworks. The Mahendra Cave has increasingly geometric regularity in its architecture. You will feel Mahendra cave is more natural than other caves of Pokhara. There is a large stalagmite that is believed to symbolize Lord Ganesh.


International Mountaineering Museum-Phokhara

Phewa Lake is the second largest Tal (lake) of Nepal and the largest Tal of Pokhara city. It covers an area of about 5.23 open area km and it has a common depth of about 8.6 m (28ft). Phewa Lake is one of the major attractions for foreign and general travelers as well. As in the heart of the lake, there is a temple of Barahi in the land mass. Tal Barahi Temple, otherwise called Lake Temple. It is a Hindu sanctuary of the Goddess Durga, the defender of divine beings. You can go there by boating. The lake is stream-encouraged however a dam directs the water holds, in this manner, the lake is delegated semi-regular freshwater lake. Combination of the lake and temple (in the middle of the lake) makes it one of the ways far better cum best tourist places in Pokhara.


After Phewa Lake, Begnas Lake is another well-known lake in around Pokhara valley, based as other tourist places in Pokhara. The lake is one of the most loved destinations of the travelers where you can see numerous vacationers visiting here. Begnas Lake is a grand incredible sight. You'll perceive how the lake is streaming in the middle of the spotless, green, and calm condition. The lake is the third biggest lake of Nepal and second biggest, after Phewa lake, among the eight lakes in Pokhara Valley. As the name implies the city of lakes it has magnificent lakes where you can do boating and drown your all nervous tension.


Make climbing arrangements with your best mate when you're in Pokhara. A short climbing excursion will be overpowering once you've visited Sarangkot. It is prominent voyagers' goal that lies at an elevation of 1600 meters, northwest of Pokhara. To achieve the highest point of the slope, you can climb for a few hours from Pokhara lakeside. On the off chance that you don't care to climb, at that point you can likewise take a taxi from Pokhara and stroll for one hour to achieve the fundamental perspective. Sarangkot is likewise a well-known paragliding propelling point. In the event that you're arranging a visit to Pokhara, at that point, you shouldn't miss Sarangkot dawn see. I wager on the off chance that you experience this minute, at that point, it will be a huge encounter of your life.


World Peace Stupa is situated on the southern side of Phewa Lake in the highest point of the mountain. It is also called Shanti stupa as well, and it is the symbol of peace. It is a standout amongst the best and well-known climbing goal in Pokhara. Its undeniable reason is from the highest point of the slope you'll get the stupendous mountain perspectives on the Annapurna range. Also, you'll get a stunning perspective on the Pokhara valley at one side. The Peace Pagoda has four fundamental Buddha statues. Every one of these statues reflects four conspicuous phases of Buddha's life. First, he was conceived in Lumbini, Nepal. Second, he became illuminated in Bodhgaya, India. Third, he showed the vast majority of his life in Sarnath, India and in the conclusion where he achieved nirvana at Kushinagar, India.

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